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The Episode starts with Happu asking his kids to get ready to go to trip as money is arranged. The kids get happy. Kat asks how did you get money, as you was not having it. She asks did you sell your kidney? Happu says someone had taken money which he returned? Kat asks if you are giving money for my trip also. Happu says no. Malaika teases Kat taking Kamlesh’s name. Chamchi thanks happu. Ranbir says you have to give fees for three of us. Happu asks him to move his hand, says I am your father, you are threatening me. Amma asks Happu to keep the money safe. Amma asks him to give the money to her. Rajjo says I can handle the responsibility well. Amma says I will keep it. Rajjo says you are aged and says if the thief came to know about it then he will….Happu makes it clear that he has planned where to keep the money, and says nobody can touch it.

Later he keeps money in the store room. Amma says my almari is best. Happu opens the almari and finds the rat. Amma says it is stinking. Happu says it is good, nobody will take it out. Amma asks for the keys. Rajjo argues. Happu wears the key as the pendant in his neck. He says it is the safest place.

Happu talks to beni later. He tells that few things is not known to our wives. Beni says I had shared all my secrets to you and says I love you too. Happu says we are brothers, and everything. They spit on their hands and shake hands. Beni reminisces their school days and laugh. Happu also tells an incident and says scores settled. They tell that they used to trouble each other. Beni says he misses Neelam, Happu’s rakhi sister. Rajjo comes out of the house and calls Vimlesh. Vimlesh comes out and mixes tablet in the milk brought by Rajjo. Rajjo says this idea is not good. Vimlesh says we are doing this for good cause. Rajjo says I saw that people dies. Vimlesh says jiju is healthy and will wake up late. Rajjo says just as he sleeps, she will go and take out money from almari, and asks her to ask Papa to be ready. Vimlesh asks her to go. Rajjo says my heart is not agreeing. Vimlesh says we are helpless, Papa needs money and that’s what we are doing. Rajjo says you are really lawyer’s wife. Vimlesh says I know you, you used to steal money from jiju’s pocket, you are thief since childhood. Rajjo goes.

Rajjo comes to the room holding turmeric milk glass. Happu asks if she is thinking to beat him. Rajjo asks him to drink it. He refuses. She asks him to drink silently. He says now I am doubtful that you have added something in it. Rajjo says why will I add something. She plays song and dances, makes him drink and sleepy. She takes the keys and goes to get money from the almira. She feels bad and apologetic. She says she has no other way. Amma comes out of room, and says she has gastric problem. Rajjo is about to go, when she sees Amma coming.

Kamlesh is in the area to catch the dogs. Kat calls him and asks why didn’t you come and meet me. Kamlesh says he is on the job to catch the dogs. Kat says Dog always bite your back. Kamlesh says I will teach them a lesson. He says he will throw biscuit near the Dog and catch it. He eats dog’s biscuits. Gabbar comes there and makes dog sound. Kat tells Kamlesh that there is a dog behind her house. Kamlesh says he is coming. Rajjo prays to God to send amma from there. Amma is still standing holding her stomach and goes to her room. Rajjo comes out.

No Precap.

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