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At night Rangeela does is drama asking about Rajjo and Katori Amma past life issues. He says that Rajjo was MIL and Katori Amma was DIL, she use to trouble Rajjo MIL, so they need to do good behaviour. Vimlesh says any solution, and Rajjo- Amma will do as you say.
Rangeela says that Amma need to behave as DIL and Rajjo as MIl. They both deny, but Rangeela sacres😱 them, Amma agrees. Rajjo deny, stating Happu will kill🔪 me. Vimlesh says Benny will convince Happu. Amma and Rajjo agrees👍🏻.

While having drinks🍺 Vimlesh asks benny to convince happu. Benny asks Happu about Rajjo- Katori Amma fight? Happu says they trouble and i need peace. Benny says that Rangeela Told Amma and Rajjo to behave as role reverse, and their fight will end. Happu denies and doesn’t agree. Vimlesh comes stating Benny is useless, and makes happu agree to allow. Happu agrees☺

Happu asks Rajjo reason about her sad😔 mood. Rajjo feels sad😔 for behaving as MIL with Katori Amma, as she is elder and mother for me as well. Katori Amma comes with milk🥛, she feeds milk🥛 and Rajjo behaves rudely with her. Later she cries😭 for behaving rude. Happu says you are devil👹.
Khodi asks about Katori Amma mood. Katori Amma informs about role reversal, and complaints about Rajjo. Khodi says let it be. Katori Amma says Rajjo is using this time for revenge. Khodi says think🤔 donkey is speaking, Amma gets happy☺.

Kamlesh goes to meet Kat, but Happu finds him on stairs and beat him👋🏻👋🏻. He asks not to meet Kat and warn kat, not to meet him and goes out.

Next day Rajjo feels bad😭😔,for behaving rudely with Katori Amma. Vimlesh says let it be, but Rajjo says she is elder to me after all. Katori Amma bring breakfast🍱. Rajjo scolds Katori Amma for making bad food🍱. Amma get angry😡 for Rajjo’s behaviour. Vimlesh asks to behave correctly to clear their past deeds.
Rajjo and Amma gets into fight😡.

Precap:- Ritik, Ranveer and Chamchi hears Vimlesh and Rangeela plan. They asks for bribe. Rangeela asks Happu to behave as child infront of Ritik and Ritik to behave as Father

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