Happu Ki Ultan Paltan Written Update of 5th April 2022: Vimlesh comes with solution for Amma and Rajjo fight – Telly Updates

Happu asks Rajjo to give her head massage, infroming that Kat failed and rest children passed on marigin. Rajjo says you are also blaming me just like Amma and angry😡, that i am lost already.
They both fight due to children and Amma behaviour.

Next day Vimlesh asks that their is no taste in tea☕. Rangeela comes to meet Benny, and inform him about case. Benny asks Vimlesh to bring tea for him. Vimlesh asks him to come soon. Benny asks about case. Rangeela says that his property has been captured by his relatives by cheat. Benny says he shall do with rs. 20,000💶. Rangeela says that his is struggling actor, he don’t have this much money. Benny asks him to go to temple and asks to solve case.
Vimlesh heard all things and asks rangeela to do her work, and benny will fight his case. Rangeela agrees .

Next day Amma again complaints about being salt. Rajjo says sorry, but Amma and Rajjo fights again. Vimlesh asks for popcorn🍿 for their daily drama. Vimlesh says its related to your past. Rajjo and Amma fight on everything. Vimlesh says i know someone, who shall inform about thier past reasons and fight drama. They asks Vimlesh to call that person.

Kamlesh meet Kat outside. He feels sad😔 for her fail and not meeting her. Happu sees them meeting. Kamlesh get scared😱😱 seeing him. Happu holds him and slaps👋🏻 him blue and black. Happu scolds😡 kat for not meeting kamlesh. Happu takes kat home.

Vimlesh brings Rangeela dressed as mr. X for Amma and Rajjo fight drama. They again keep on taunting each other again. Vimlesh asks not to fight, and he shall open past fight.
Rangeela says we shall set atmosphere to know about your past life. He says we need Malai khofta, khadai paneer, kheer, puri etc.🥪🍔🍲🥙🧆🍱.
Vimlesh scolds that why he need so much food? Rangeela says he didn’t have food since many days.

Rajjo, Amma serve him food🍱🧆🥙🍲🍔🥪. He starts eating, to much their shock😱. He praises food.
Rajjo asks that it was for puja, then why he had it? Rangeela says it was necessary, and ask them to bring candles and sweet dish.
Rajjo and Amma gives Vimlesh angry😡 looks.

Manohar scolds prisoners, than asks happu why he is troubled? Happu scolds😡 him. Manohar insists than happu says children are just passing in exam, their future is in trouble.
Ritik, Ranveer and Chamchi comes asking rs. 100 each. Happu asks does he has money💶 plant. They all 3 butter happu, but happu denies stating no will get it. Manohar asks them to say it directly. They all 3 says we need to give party to our friends.
Happu says you all will not get any penny💶. Happu gets angry😡 and scolds them.
They says we shall asks amma and rajjo.
They all go.

Precap:- asks them to do their role reverse, i.e. Amma to behave as Bahu and Rajjo to behave as Saas.
Rajjo scolds Amma for giving her hot milk. Happu tries to calm her down

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