Happy Living: Do you know these 5 secrets to be happy? Incorporate it in your habit from today and be happy always

How to Live Happy Life: Being happy in life is not as difficult as many times we think. Yes, it is necessary that like everything else, take care of your life and adopt some good habits and leave some bad habits by Tata-bye.  If you want to keep the happy hormones high, then definitely do all those things which release more of these hormones. Learn 5 Simple Habits To Be Happy By Adopting Which You Can Be Happy

Have Gratitude
Being thankful for what you have got in life is a habit that keeps you happy. You strive for the better but keep a positive attitude about the life you are living and be grateful. Incorporating this habit will keep you satisfied and happy too

complement a lot
learn your ego and learn to complement others, this will not only give you a happy feeling, but most importantly, the person in front will also treat you well. Dopamine hormone is released by listening to praise, which improves the mood. If you praise someone with an open heart, then the person in front will not hesitate to give you a compliment and there is a happy feeling for both of them

Workout is necessary
Exercise is not only necessary to stay fit but also to be happy. If you do yoga, walk or any physical workout daily, then Serotonin hormone is released which increases happiness. That’s why working out daily is important not only for your body but also for a happy mood

Learn to love
In any relationship, give love first only then you will get love. Keep your heart open and fill your relationships with lots of love. Instead of spoiling the relationship, improve their love and do not quarrel with anyone on small matters. Oxytocin hormone is released during love and it is also considered as the happy hormone.

Good food and sleep
If you do both these things well then half of the anxiety, depression and negativity go away in the same way. If you want to be happy in life, first of all make a habit of taking healthy diet. Reverse and reduce eating junk food. Second, work on your sleep pattern. If sleep is good, then the mind remains stress free in the same way.

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