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Scene 1
Harphoul says 6 days have passed. There’s no girl. Mohini’s mother says what will we do beg on the roads? Mai calls her relatives but everyone says they want an educated boy. Mohini cries. Saroj asks what happened. Mohini says we’ve to pay the bank’s dues otherwise they will take the home. Saroj says I am sorry I won’t even be able to help you. Mohini says a girl can do anything but why can’t a girl get married without a dowry? She says it’s not like that. In our village, there are such fewer girls that guys have to pay gold. Mai calls Saroj and tells her about Balwant’s condition. She says I’ve to defeat him. Saroj says I am very scared. Mai cries. A guy comes to Mai’s house. He says you can find a girl in another city if not Haryana. I will take you there. She says get out of here. Harphoul takes him out and this him. He runs away. Shalini says no one will marry him. Mai says don’t say that. Mai says I will find a girl. I won’t buy a girl to marry Harphoul. She prays. Mai says we can find another girl in another city.

Mai calls. Mohini tells saroj that your aunt is calling. She says can you pick? Just say yes. Mai calls and says did she say yes? Mohini says yes. She says I am not Saroj, I am Mohini. Mai says sorry I thought you’re Saroj. I was very worried. She says I am Mohini. Mai says you sound worried. Are you okay? Mohini says no. Mohini says how do you know? She says I am a mother. Mai asks who’s in your house? She says my parents and three sisters. Mai says you’re worried about your dad’s responsibility? She says I’ve to do this for them. She says Saroj tells me how genius are you. Saroj says you’ve to study a lot for it. She says I can hear your heart. You wanted to be a doctor. She says you don’t get everything you want. Mai says I feel so good after talking to you. She cuts the call and says Harphoul Mohini?

Scene 2
Santosh tells mai you can get Harphoul married to a girl whose groom has left. She says we shouldn’t misuse someone’s trouble. He says how will you find a girl then? We should go there today. Harphoul says today? Show me the girl first. Santosh says let me do one good thing for this home. Mai says if she’s a good girl she can make his life but she can ruin his life too. Let me meet her once. He says you’re doubting because I brought this girl? Balwant is listening on call. Mai says you’re his brother. Let’s go. Balwaant is angry. He says I won’t let him marry.

Saroj says to Mohini I have an idea.. Mohini gets a call from home and rushes home. Mai prays for Harphoul. She says I hope it’s good for him. Mohini comes home. Her dad has fainted. Her mom says tension made him do it. He says don’t blackmail Mohini. mohini says I am ready to marry anyone you choose. Harphoul and maai come to the marriage. many grooms and brides are getting married there together. He goes inside. Harphoul says let’s go home. He says there are so many weddings here. She says we will find you a girl here. Mohini says I will marry the guy my mom found. He’s a bit old, it’s okay. Saroj says to Mohini please wait for five minutes. Saroj calls Mai’s place. Shalini picks and says Mai has gone to get Harphoul married. Saroj is shocked. Saroj comes back to Mohini. She says call the guy your mom found. Mohini calls him. She comes back and says he will come in 3 hours. If everything is okay he will do the engagement today. Her dad isn’t happy. Saroj says in 3 hours they will both get married to different people. Harphoul gets ready. Mohini gets ready too.

Episode endss

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