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Scene 1
Mohini says if you wanted you couldn’t come to the police station and you didn’t tell anyone the truth. Thank you. Shalini comes to Devi. She’s feeding Saraswati. Shalini gives Devi milk. She says thank you. Devi drinks it. Shalini mixed spices in it. She says now this Devi will cry. Shalini says didn’t anything happen? She says it was sweet and tasty. Shalini is shocked. She sees Santok. She gives the milk to Santok. He says it’s sweet. What did you add to it? Shalini is confused. She drinks it herself and screams that it’s spicy. Shalini says in my throat. She cries and cough. Devi says isn’t it nice? Mai asks what happened. She gives her water. Devi says she gave me milk and then tried it himself and started coughing. Devi drinks the rest of it.

Shalini says nothing happened to her with spicy milk. She gives it to Divyani. Divyani screams. Balwant says what is this? Haprhoul says I can’t sleep till this girl lives here. The truth will be out one day. How will Mai behave? She came out of a watermelon. Mai comes there. She says that girl came out of watermelon? What do you mean? Harphoul says she ate the whole watermelon. That’s what I said. Mai says you both were fighting. Harphoul says she always takes her side. Mohini says he gets mad at a child too. Mai says Mohini are you hiding something? Harphoul says no, don’t worry. Mai leaves. Mohini says if you react this way, how will I stay here? If you don’t want Devi here, I will leave too. He says are you crazy? I love.. I care for you. I can’t see you in trouble.

Scene 2
Harphoul tries to fix his button. He sees Devi on the bed. He says it’s not your dad’s place. Sleep on the floor. He throws the pillow. Devi puts her sheet on the floor and sleeps there. Harphoul feels bad. Mohini comes in. She says Devi why are you sleeping there? Mohini sleeps with Devi. She says I will always sleep with you. Haprhoul looks at them. He also sleeps on the floor. Devi smiles at him. Mai says Harphoul said she came out of watermelon. That’s exactly what I heard. Devi goes out at night.

Devi comes to Balwant’s house. He’s asleep. She says how dare you harm and kill women? Wake up. She screams… Balwant is scared. He sees Devi. He screams in fear. Devi stabs him. He screams. She’s not there. Balwant says it was a dream. Am I a coward? no one can touch me. He screams and sees marks on his hand. He says I have to meet that girl. She’s not normal.

Episode ends

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