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Scene 1
Mohini says don’t feel like going without Harphoul. Is this another love sign? I will see if I miss him. Balwant says to SP you can’t keep me here. SP says I know what you are. Balwant says it will be fun playing with you. SP says thanks for the idea. I will plan competition in the village. you will stay here, get used to it. Mohini plays with the girls. They guess riddles. Mohini chooses the soap Harphoul likes as a gift. Harphoul comes outside. Mohini rushes to the gate. It’s not him. Harphoul sees Mohini around as well. He smiles at a woman thinking it’s Mohini. Harphoul kisses the wall imagining Mohini. Mohini imagines Harphoul everywhere as well. The girls laugh at her.

Harphoul drinks tea. He looks around and smiles. Santok and Mai tease him. Menu shows photos of kids in the village. She recognizes Harphoul. Mohini imagines Harphoul on the gate. He’s not there. Mohini says why do I see him around? I should go home. Harphoul says I miss her a lot. They both call each other but their numbers are busy. They wonder who are they talking to. Mohini goes home. Divyani and Ragni come there. She says are you all celebrating Balwant going to jail? Mohini says a good news calls for a party. Menu says are you here to fight? Ragni says what is this? Mohini says I made it for the women here. Because they go out to work. Divyani says men have no manliness there. Mohini says men respect women there and don’t take money for the clinic and keep it in their pockets. The women speak against Balwant for taking money. Menun says Mohini will run our clinic now. Menu says you have to run it for us. Mohini says I will think about it.

Scene 2
Banwari and Bali come to Balwant. They put sofa and carpet inside the jail. Balwant sits on his chair. Balwant says I will only wash my face when I part Mohini and Harphoul.
Harphoul says I am in love. Did Mohini see these signs? Mohini wonders if Harphoul feels the same. SP stops Mohini. He tells Mohini that he’s trying to make community teams in the village. Mohini says Harphoul would be very happy about it. He says because of your efforts Balwant is in his rice place. She says it was a team effort from me and Balwant.

Divyani serves Balwant food. She tells Balwant Mohini and Harphoul are coming close. And people are asking Mohini to handle the clinic. SP asks Mohini if he can drop her. Mohini goes with him. He says can you consult patients online too? Mohini says yes. He says it’s your passion. You can run this clinic and help this village. Mohini says let me discuss it with my family and I will let you know. Mohini comes home. Harphoul waits for Mohini. He buys coffee for her. Divyani says taking coffee for your wife? Mohini waits for Harphoul at home. Mohini says I am sure he was missing me too. Harphoul comes home. Mohini says if I knew you were gonna pick me up I would wait there. He has bangles in his hands. Mohini says they’re so nice. He throws them to the ground in anger. Mohini is scared.

Episode ends

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