Haryana Sugarcane Price: Good news for sugarcane farmers! Khattar government increased the price

Haryana Government Hikes Sugarcane Price: Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar on Wednesday increased the price of sugarcane by Rs 10 per quintal in view of the demonstration of sugarcane farmers in Haryana and the lockout in sugar mills. announced. With this, the price of sugarcane has increased to Rs 372 per quintal.

On this occasion, CM Khattar also targeted those protesting by lockout in sugar mills demanding increase in the price of sugarcane. Khattar said that the opposition parties and some farmer unions are doing politics in the name of increasing the price of sugarcane. He said that the condition of the sugar mills is not good. At present, the sugar mills in the state are incurring a loss of Rs 5,293 crore annually. Even after this, she is doing whatever could be better in the interest of the farmers.

Protecting the interests of farmers is the top priority of the state government

Along with increasing the price of sugarcane, he said that I urge the farmers to start bringing their sugarcane to the mills after the price hike, so that the mills can run smoothly. The shutdown is neither in the interest of the farmers nor in the interest of the mills. The Chief Minister said that the current price of sugar has not increased as expected. Despite this, the Haryana government is paying a higher price than other states. Along with this, Khattar said that protecting the interests of the farmers is the top priority of the state government.

Farmers are demanding Rs 450 per quintal

It may be noted that the sugarcane farmers of Haryana have been protesting for a long time demanding an increase in the price of sugarcane. These people demand that the price of sugarcane for farmers should be increased from Rs.362 to Rs.450 per quintal. Angered by the non-acceptance of their demands, the farmers locked the sugar mills in the state, due to which production in the sugar mills came to a standstill. 

On time payment assurance

The loss of mustard will be compensated

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