Has India’s attitude towards Pakistan changed after Shahbaz Sharif became the PM? Learn

India Pak Relation: A fortnight after Shahbaz Sharif became the new prime minister of Pakistan, India on Thursday said there has been no change in its stand that talks between the two sides should be held in an atmosphere free from terrorism. It can happen and the responsibility of creating such an environment is on Islamabad.

Suicide attack at Karachi University  

India advocates for meaningful dialogue

Bagchi said that without such an atmosphere, talks cannot take place. He said, ‘‘There is no change in our stand.’’ After Sharif was elected Prime Minister of Pakistan, Prime Minister Narendra Modi wrote to him saying that India expects positive relations with Pakistan. In response, Sharif called for a ‘meaningful’ relationship between the two countries. Advocating dialogue.

Asked about Pakistan’s objection to Prime Minister Modi’s recent visit to Kashmir and laying of foundation stone for a hydroelectric project on the Chenab river, Bagchi said Islamabad has no right to talk about it.

Pakistan has no right to talk about Kashmir

Bagchi said, ‘‘The welcome he (Prime Minister) was accorded and it is quite clear from the pictures you have seen. The development projects he inaugurated and the changes that have taken place on the ground are a clear answer to any question that may arise about the Prime Minister’s visit.’’ Modi said, ‘‘Pakistan has no right to talk from the perspective of what is happening in Jammu and Kashmir under any circumstances.’’

Making Terrorism Free Environment in Pakistan

India has been saying that it wants normal neighborly relations with Pakistan, but insists that it is Pakistan’s responsibility to create an environment free from terrorism for such partnership.

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