Have you ever thought? How does Pneumonia happen? If you do these measures, then the disease will not even come close.

Lungs Problems: The cold has knocked. On the other hand, the Kovid virus is also floating in the air. In such a situation, the risk of spreading diseases related to lungs has increased. People are coming in the grip of cold, cough and cold. People with weak lung capacity are at risk of many diseases. Pneumonia is also a disease related to the lungs. Due to this, the patient is not able to breathe properly. If treatment is not found then many other problems can occur. What is pneumonia? How this disease grips and what measures can be taken to avoid the disease.  
What is Pneumonia?
Pneumonia is a disease related to the lungs. This disease is usually caused by the attack of bacteria, viruses and parasites on the lungs. Apart from this, even when there are microorganisms, some medicines and other diseases, many times pneumonia occurs. In this, swelling starts in the air sacs present in the lungs. Chest pain starts due to swelling. Later, phlegm starts filling in the form of liquid. People with weak immunity are more likely to get this disease. 

Know also the Pneumonia Symptoms
There can be a cough with mucus. High fever, headache, chills or sweating, shortness of breath with little exertion, sometimes shortness of breath even when doing nothing, chest pain when coughing or breathing, vomiting To be, to get along, to be tired. 

Can be cured by these measures
The child should be fed mother’s milk for six months. Nutritious elements are present in milk. Food with more nutrients should be eaten. Make sure to use Vitamin C in daily life. But if cough or sore throat is getting more then excessive use of Vitamin C should be avoided. Anulom Vilom, Kapal Bhanti Yoga must be done on the advice of the Guru. The immune system of young children and the elderly is more vulnerable. They need to be taken care of. 


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