Hawan Rituals in Hindi: Why mango wood is used in Havan, it has miraculous benefits

Hawan Rituals in Hindi: In Hinduism, it is considered auspicious to have a Havan before doing any auspicious work. It is a belief that with the coming of happiness and prosperity in the house, the surrounding environment is also purified, as well as success in new work and happiness and peace comes in life. Mostly mango wood is used during the havan. After all, why only mango wood is used in the havan? Let’s know what is its importance.

  • It is believed that mango wood is a symbol of purity, fertility and divinity. For this reason, these woods are used in big rituals like Havan. Due to which the use of chemical fertilizers in crops can be reduced.
  • Mango wood is especially beneficial and removes the negative energy of the house.
  • It communicates positivity. Is. Apart from this, it removes mental stress and provides mental peace. 
  • It is said that using mango wood in the havan brings happiness, peace and prosperity in the life of the bride and groom. . There is no serious fight between them about anything and they live in love.
  • Havan is also performed on the birth of a new baby in the house. Due to this, the child avoids planetary defects and leads a healthy life.
  • According to a study, when mango wood is burnt, a gas called formic aldehyde is released from it. It works to kill dangerous bacteria and bacteria. This purifies the environment. This helps in purifying the polluted air. Dangerous bacteria present in the environment are eliminated. Apart from this, the bacteria that spread dangerous diseases like typhoid also die from the smoke of the havan. Due to this, the problems related to lungs and breathing are removed. It purifies the body.
  • Mango wood when used during Havan  burning with Havan material purifies and disinfects the air by reducing harmful bacteria. According to astrological beliefs, burning mangoes can drive away evil spirits and any negative energy.

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