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Sitara’s eyes went teary recalling all those moments with Viraj.

Adaa Khan

Suddenly a person appeared infront of her . Sitara gets surprised to see him.

Sitara : Who are you ?

He smiles and said : People calls me as Sakthimaan, Myself  Gangadhar Sashtri

Sitara : I have heard about you from my Pitaaji Naagraj that you are not a usual human being. You saves this human world from all dangers and threats.

Sakthimaan : Not all, I tries to do that only. Beti Sitara your problems are going to end. Because Viraj is my son only and you both are born to unite with each other . You both need to save naaglok, earth and entire universe.

Sitara : I didn’t get you , If you are Viraj’s dad then why Viraj is not with you ? He said his family is living in the city. He use to visit them monthly once when he gets leave .

Sakthimaan : What he said also is right. Now it’s time for him to realize who is he exactly and he should get his powers back. Come with me Sitara.

Sitara : How can I trust you ?

Sakthimaan gives her a locket . Sitara gets surprised to see him.

Sitara : This is my Maa’s locket.

Sakthimaan ; She was a brave woman , Sitara. She fought for all naagins until her last breath eventhough that time she was carrying you as the baby in her womb. She gave your birth at this forest’s temple only. The Panditji whom you met knows everything. Because his mother helped your Maa when she was giving birth to you there.

Sitara : And Viraj

Sakthimaan : Viraj was just four Years only at that time. Naagraj asked my help for saving Naaglok from those creatures and some humans who were atatcking it . Viraj also came with me there. He had powers at those time, but later as part of his life’s safety his powers were taken aback by our Guruji and at his insistance I gave Viraj to a family who were rendering prayers at this temple for having a baby. They were a husband and wife who got married and even after 10 years they didn’t have a child. When I handover them Viraj was sleeping in my hands and Guruji erased his memory too. We need to go to Viraj’s house soon.

Sitara : Ji


Viraj : I told you there is nothing left between us. Then why you came here again, Sitara ?

Viraj hold her hand in anger and walks

Meanwhile his mother stops him

Viraj : Mom what are you doing ?

Mom : Beta Sakthimaan Ji is your real father. We just take care off you , I didn’t gave you birth .

Viraj : Mom, This girl is a naagin and now she bought another supernatural person Sakthimaan. They are doing dramas only.

Sakthimaan : Viraj , Hold my hand.  You will learn whole thing.

Viraj walks in anger towards Sakthimaan. Suddenly Sakthimaan holds his hand. All gets surprised as Sakthimaan points out his finger towards the wall. The wall turned like a screen and all were able to seen what happened exactly in the past.


Naagraj : Vrinda

Vrinda : Yes Your Majesty

Naagraj : God has choosen you now . Sitara will get a re-birth through your womb.

Vrinda : Really, King ? I heard that Sitara and Viraj were those humans of Sasthri family who sacrificied their lives for saving earth from threats. They saved animals , birds also. How they gained super powers ?

Naagraj ; They were the King and Queen of Mewad earlier. Look there.

Vrinda sees their history in a glance.

Sitara : Maharaj, We should go and seek blessings from Guruji.

Viraj : Haan Maharani

Both of them goes to an Aashram

Guruji predicts a thing which gives shock to them

Sitara : Yeh aap kya keha rahe hein ? Gangadhar have to live in Aasharam throughout his life.

Viraj : He is the prince, After me he has to rule Mewad.

Guruji : Whole world, universe, naagalok will face biggest battles. That time your son has to save them, that’s the purpose of his birth. He is not an ordinary prince to be tied in any particular crown or thrones. He is Sakthimaan, the protector. Think as a King Maharaj Viraj rather than a father. Do you want your son should protect Mewad only ? Or he should protect entire humanity ?

Sitara : We will feel proud if he protect entire humanity,

Guruji : Then you need to sacrifice your son to me. He should gain super natural powers through yoga, tantra and mantra. It will take some time.

Viraj : Ji . I am ready to give my son for saving humanity.

Sitara : I agree with Maharaj at this decision .

Viraj and Sitara handovers their little son Gangadhar who was just 6 years old to Guruji.  Guruji looks at them

Guruji : It’s not easy for parents to give their son. But you both did it for saving whole universe. Your sacrifice will be written in golden letters at the history.

Both of them seeks blessings from him and leaves the Aasharam with painful hearts. Meanwhile they gets the news that some enemy nations have conquered their knigdom. They were killing humans, animals, birds mercilessly . Viraj and Sitara fights with them for saving them but both of them were stabbed by sword and their bodys were thrown into jungle. They prayed to Lord Shivji in pain

Viraj : My son and his child should be very much powerful shivji that they could save every one and they should be able to destroy all evils . They should be brave  Aah !!

That was his last scream .

Sitara gets shocked.

Sitara : I swear at the blood of my husband Maharaj Viraj Sashtri , he should get a re-birth to destroy all evils from entire universe and he should be very much powerful that each and every one will call him as Protector- The Rakshak who should be brave, should also have a golden heart like my Maharaj and I should also be born again to stand with him as his support, Shivji, bless us….Aah!!

Sitara also losts her life there. Sakthimaan was bought up in the Aashram , Guruji gave him a shield and he started wearing it. As time changed the administration of kings and queens were went away. World became progressive , but one thing doesn’t changed and that was the attack of evils at the earth and universe. Sakthimaan  started saving human beings from threats and he was treated as a superhero.

Like everyone a girl came in Sakthimaan’s life also. Both of them get married. But she couldn’t survive long due to ill health .

She gave birth to a baby boy and while giving birth she lost her life. Sakthimaan became very much sad.

Guruji : Sakthimaan you should not forget your aim, These happenings may occur but don’t deviate from your goal .

Sakthimaan ; When I will get relief from all this ? When the evils will end , Guruji ?

Guruji : When you handover powers to your son Viraj , you will get relief. Then you can become a saint. You will get peace of mind.

Sakthimaan : Ji

Vrinda : That’s why Naagraj you are seeking help of Sakthimaan. And the baby whom I am carrying is none other than Sitara only. I am so blessed to have Sitara as my baby.

Naagraj ; Sakthimaan will be coming soon. We need to prepare the whole team of serpants as enemies can attack Naaglok any time.

Vrinda : Ji.

Sakthimaan arrives and with the help of him whole Naagalok was able to defeat the enemies.


Meanwhile at fights some one stolen blue flower and runs towards earth

Naagraj : Vrinda we need to catch them.  They are some useless humans who threatened saints and through them only they were able to reach Naaglok. They shouldn’t get the blue flower .

Vrinda : Ji

Sakthimaan : I will also accompany you both.

They reached Bandhi forest , Sakthimaan’s son also arrives there.

Sakthimaan : Viraj how you came here ?

Viraj : Through powers, Guruji taught me power and I was trying that , I chanted mantra and wished I should be with my Paapa only now. See I came here.

Sakthimaan : Beta this is not right. You should not misuse powers.

Meanwhile they hears an oracle from Guruji

Guruji : Sakthimaan keep your hand at your son’s forehead

Sakthimaan does the same , soon Viraj faints.

Naagraj and Vrinda gets shocked.

Guruji : I have erased his powers and memory . He is not able to become Rakshak for now. It will take time. Until then he had to be a normal person. Go inside the temple and handover your son to those two who are praying before Shivji.

Sakthimaan : Ji

Sakthimaan finds a husband and wife

He handovers Viraj to them .

Sakthimaan ; Iss bacche kaa naam Viraj hein. Yeh Maharaj Viraj kaa potha hein aur mera beta bhi.

” Aap Sakthimaan hein naa ? ”

Sakthimaan : Ji, Waqt aane par mein awunga. Tabh aap mujhe mera beta deejiyege.

” I will always be grateful to you as you gave me the happiness of becoming mother. Thanks a lot. ”

Meanwhile they hear some strange sounds as certain creatures were surrounding the temple. Some humans were also there.

” Yeh sab kya hein ? ”

Sakthimaan : Aap log peeche ke darwaze se bacche ko lekar jaayiyega. Jaldi.

Both of them agrees and leaves . Meanwhile Panditji who was doing pooja gets shocked  as a creature entered before him. It started throwing puja materials .


He throws holy water on it and the creature got destroyed. Naagraj and Vrinda also sees this and gets shocked.

Sakthimaan : Panditji namasthe.

Panditji : Sakthimaan danger hasn’t gone away. It is still here.

Sakthimaan : What ?

Panditji : They are going to loot this temple. What I did now is the power of my Tapasya , but I am a normal human being. I don’t have powers. But I have the powers of my Tapasya. You all came here in search of blue flower. It will be safe from those evil hands, but you will not get it with ease , for that you need to suffer struggles. This will be back in Naaglok through Rakshak Viraj and his shield Sitara only. I am going to end my life in this hawan kund and it’s burning fire will become a tree and at it’s inner part flower will be protected in deeper jungle.

He burned his body at the fire and soon he was converted as a round ball, it started flying from there. It burned some of  them and blue flower was kept by that ball in deeper jungle. No one knows that blue flower was there as the ball was changed as a tree. Fights went much strong and at the midst Vrinda felt much pain. At that time Panditji’s wife and her son entered there .

Seeing her in pain she rushed near her and held Vrinda in her lap. Your baby will be safe. nothing will happen.

Naagraj : We are sorry, we couldn’t save your husband.

” I know everything, he predicted this earlier. He was an astrologer too.  Trust me I will help you. ”

She insits her son to lock the temple’s door . Every one goes out.

Vrinda : I am losing my powers , before that I want to write something. Please get me something.

She brings some papers , Vrinda writes about Rakshak in that one and after that her pain increased. She finally gave birth to Sitara.  Hearing Sitara’s cry Sakthimaan, Nagraj , and Panditji’s son rushed there.

They sees the baby , Vrinda keeps her hand at baby’s forehead and calls her Sitara

Baby looked her upwards, she removed naagmani from her forehead and placed it on baby’s forehead.

Vrinda : Now you have to own this Naagmani. It’s our prestige symbol, Sitara.

She screams in pain and lost her life there.

Naagraj ; Vrinda !!!

Naagraj ruhsed and kept Vrinda’s body at his lap. He burst out tears.

Sakthimaan : Hamare paas waqt bahut kam hein, Naagraj. Humein logon ko bachana hein.

Pandit’s wife : Aap log jaayiye, I will take care off Sitara.

Sakthimaan and Nagaraj managed some how to fight with evil powers, they ran away . But both of them felt something hazardous will happen in future.

Naagraj took Sitara from Panditji’s wife.

Pandit’s wife : This holy water has the powers of my husband’s tapasya. One day Sitara will arrive here and she will get to know through this who is the Rakshak. My husband already predicted about his death and these happenings. One more thing he said that is Sitara can’t stay long as naagin , like normal naagins who transforms to humans only in nights, Sitara will also do the same, but when Rakshak will gain powers , both will travel together they will go for a mission. And after that one Sitara will be transformed completely as a human being.

Naagraj gets shocked. He quickly disappeared with Sitara and Vrinda’s corpse.

Present time 

Sitara : That’s why Panditji’s son recognised me , because he has seen my naagin family earlier.

Viraj : Sitara , I made a big mistake by separating yourself from me. I am sorry.

Sitara ;Viraj, I won’t blame you, because you was an ordinary human being that time . But do you still not remember it was you only who took me in your arms and reached the deeper jungle. You plucked the blue flower.

Viraj : I am not able to remember it.

Sakthimaan : Sitara, Viraj you will get answers , come with me.

Sakthimaan takes them to Guruji’s Aashram, Guruji holds Viraj’s hand. Viraj close his eyes and he gains his all powers back

Guruji : Sitara and Viraj now you both have to deal with the biggest enemies, Kaali Nevla and Pratyusha . Both are behind Naagmani and Blue flower. He blesses Sitara and she also gain some powers. You should destroy those enemies  forever.

Sitara and Viraj : Ji Guruji

Sakthimaan also blesses them.

They both finds Kaali Nevla and Pratyusha

Kaali Nevla : Finally you came Sitara, I was waiting for you long. You know what You are god chosen girl for saving Naagmani. You wasn’t aware about your full powers and my people were beating you to gain it from you at that day at the jungle. But this man Viraj came there and saved you by beating them.

Rajat Tokas

Nowtell me where is the Naagmani ?

Sitara : Naagmani is safe in Naaglok. The demon like you can never get it.

Kaali Nevla : I can’t touch you, but it doesn’t mean that I also don’t have powers , I will use it now.

Kaali Nevla’s eyes turned brown

Soon Sitara grabbed his neck and at her touch made him to fell down in fear

She kills him soon.

Meanwhile Pratyusha also arrives there. She tries to attack Sitara from behind

But soon Viraj uses his superpowers and she fells down

Viraj : Don’t think that evils can conquer whole universe, whenever they attacks remember always there be protectors to destroy them .

Pratyusha dies . They release human beings which were imprisoned by Pratyusha and Kaali Nevla for their selfish motives. The humans thank both Sitara and Viraj a lot.There was a middle aged man . He called them as Maharaj and Maharani.

” He is Maharaj Viraj and she is Maharani Sitara only who were the most wonderful king and queen of Mewad Rajya. I have seen your painting  and heard your story from my Grandfather. You both shed last drop of your blood for saving the nation. You both got a re-birth for saving everyone, god is great. He showed mercy towards us . ”

Viraj ; Thank you , We will always be with our people.

Sitara : Whenever you face any threat we will be there to help you. It’s our promise.

“Maharaj Viraj Kee Jai, Sitara Maharani kee Jai”

Scene shifts to Aashram 

Naagraj was happy to see Sitara

Sitara hugged him ,

Sitara : Pitaaji.

Sakthimaan : Viraj I am proud of you my son

Viraj : Paapa.

Meanwhile Viraj sees his Mom and Dad

Dad : Beta, tum humein chodkar nahi jaayenge naa ?

Viraj : No dad I am always with you, I will marry Sitara. We will stay with you.

Mom : But how can you marry a Naagin ?

Guruji : Sitara will soon turn as human. Don’t worry. After that Viraj can marry her

Naagraj : No. Sitara is a naagin only. I won’t allow her to turn as a fully human being. What I feared it is happening. I told you to return naaglok post getting blue flower.But you didn’ t listened me Sitaara.

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