HC’s serious comment on Panna collector, said – acting like a political agent, know the whole matter

Jabalpur News: During the hearing of an election petition, Justice Vivek Agarwal of Madhya Pradesh High Court has reprimanded the Collector of Panna district and made a scathing remark against him. In the open court, Justice Aggarwal said that Collector Sanjay Kumar Mishra is acting like a political agent. He also said that such officers are not eligible to work in this post.

Why the court reprimanded the Collector
Let us tell here that the matter of cancellation of the election of the winning candidate in the Gunaur district vice president election of Panna district has reached the threshold of Madhya Pradesh High Court. Congress-backed candidate Parmanand Sharma, while filing the petition, argued that Panna Collector Sanjay Kumar Mishra, despite winning by one vote, not only acted ex parte on the appeal of BJP-backed Ram Shiromani, but even declared him victorious.

Collector is acting like a political agent
During the hearing of the case, when advocate Manoj Sharma presented evidence in this regard, the court issued a notice to the collector reprimanding him. issued. Instructions have also been given to make him a party in the petition. In the open court, Justice Vivek Agarwal said that Collector Sanjay Kumar Mishra was acting like a political agent. Justice Vivek Agrawal has also directed the Collector to be present in the next hearing of the case on August 17.

Such collectors are not fit to be on this post
 The petition said that the election of Gunaur district vice-president of Panna was held on July 27, in which Congress-backed Parmanand Sharma got 13 votes out of 25. met and he won by 1 vote.  After this the District Election Officer had also issued him a certificate of being the winning candidate. Meanwhile, BJP-backed Ram Shiromani, in a hurry, presented an election petition before the collector, which was soon heard and he was declared victorious, giving a verdict in his favor. In view of the seriousness of the matter, High Court Justice Vivek Aggarwal expressed strong objection to the working style of the collector and said that such collector is not fit to work on this post.

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