Health Care Tips: Say bye-bye to body odor in summer, follow these methods

Remove Body Odor: In the summer season, many types of problems start occurring in the body. Such as dehydration, sunburn, rashes etc. But some people also have the problem of body odor. In some people, this problem is so dangerous that if he sits nearby, then trouble starts. People who are overweight or obese. They have problems related to hormones or are also victims of this problem due to acidity, due to which they sweat more and at the same time smell from the body. That’s why we have brought some such tips that will definitely help in removing your body odour. Let’s know.

eat less bad smelling food- If you are consuming such food which has fragrance or odour, then in such a situation such foods can increase the odor of your body. If you consume more onion, garlic, fish etc., then your body can smell more.

Avoid dehydration- If you are consuming less water, then your body may smell bad. Drinking less water will generate more heat in your body and sweat more. Dehydration also causes bad breath.

Drink Coriander Mint Drink –

  • You need to make Lemon Mint Drink
  • Ingredients – cup coriander, cup mint, black salt, lemon and water
  • First of all, take out lemon juice and blend all the things together and include it in your diet daily.

Apart from this, you can also adopt these methods so that your body odor can be reduced-

  • Bath daily and use good duration.
  • You must include fresh fruits in the diet.
  • Don’t eat too much spicy food.
  • < li>Wash feet thoroughly and do not wear socks in the heat for more than 1 day

  • In summer wear clothes that allow the skin to breathe such as national fiber clothes and cotton clothes.

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