Health Tips: By consuming three things, there will be no lack of calcium in the body, there will be relief in bone pain

Health Tips: In today’s race, taking care of health is becoming negligible. People eat food just to fill their stomach, but they are not able to take care of what nutrition we can get from anything, which is very important for our body. This is the reason that many nutrients become deficient in our body and then many types of diseases may have to be faced.

Chia seeds are rich in calcium
Chia seeds contain more calcium than milk. It fulfills the deficiency of calcium in your body. Omega is also found in chia seeds, which are more calcium than milk. That is, people who do not drink milk can consume it. With this, there will be no shortage of calcium in your body.

Cheese is also an important source of calcium
Your body also gets plenty of calcium by the consumption of cheese. A good amount of calcium is found in cheese. Vitamin D is also found in cheese. That is, it is also considered a good source of calcium.  

consumption of almonds will also benefit
Almonds are considered to be the best source of calcium. Therefore, women becoming mothers are advised to eat dry fruits so that the child gets plenty of calcium. If you eat a handful of almonds every day, then it is very beneficial for your health. It’s even better if you eat raw almonds.

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