Health Tips: Eat these pulses in the rain, the stomach will be perfectly fit

Pulse In Monsoon: Food seems incomplete until there is no pulse in the plate. In most of the houses, pulses and vegetables are prepared in the food every day. People eat pulses in every season, be it winter, summer or rain. By the way, all pulses are beneficial for health. But if some pulses are eaten according to the season, then its benefit is doubled. For example, eating urad dal should be avoided during the rainy season. Urad dal is quite heavy and turns cloudy, so it should be eaten less in the monsoon season, but moong and masoor dal are called evergreen dal. You can eat them in any season. If you mix and eat moong and lentils, then it proves to be even more beneficial. Mix lentils of moong masoor is very beneficial for our stomach and digestive system.

Beneficial Moong-Masoor Mix Dal in all Seasons
You can eat Moong-Masoor Mix Dal in any season. Especially in the rainy season, this mixed pulse is very beneficial for the stomach. Our digestive system becomes very weak during the rainy season. Nothing gets digested quickly. In such a situation, it is very digestible to eat moong lentils and lentils. By the way, it is advisable to eat cold-tasting things in summer and hot-tasting in winter. If you want, you can also make these pulses differently according to the season. Moong dal has a cool taste, while lentil lentils are hot. Therefore, it is advisable to eat these two pulses in the monsoon season. 

Moong lentils are rich in protein
Although all pulses are considered a good source of protein, protein is very important to stay healthy and healthy. Apart from this, protein works to make new cells in our hair, nails and body. That is why it is said that one bowl of pulses should be eaten daily. Mix lentils of lentils also fulfill the need of protein in your body. Therefore, if not every day, then 4-5 days a week, mix moong and lentils and eat it. Mix lentils of moong lentils are very beneficial for children and the elderly at home as well.

Sugar, cholesterol and heart diseases stay away
People who eat moong-lentil mixed pulses 4-5 times a week, they also get freedom from many problems. By eating this mixed lentils, cholesterol in the body is reduced, the risk of diabetes is also reduced. Mix lentils of moong lentils are a good source of low fat, which keeps heart diseases away by eating them. These pulses contain a lot of fiber, which reduces bad cholesterol in the body and reduces heart diseases. Apart from this, mixed lentils of moong lentils also contain a good amount of iron and zinc, which also works to increase blood in your body. And also keeps muscles healthy

Easy to digest and a boon for children-elderly 
Duls is not easy to digest due to being high protein source. This is the reason why it is advised to eat lentils in the day’s meal. It is advisable to eat moong masoor dal even if there is any kind of stomach problem. Problems like vomiting, diarrhoea, abdominal pain, constipation, diarrhoea, gas, flatulence occur due to poor digestion. In such a situation, doctors recommend eating light pulses of moong lentils. If this lentil is made thinner, it becomes more digestible and gives relief to the stomach immediately. Apart from this, children can also give mixed lentils of moong-lentil in food. The digestive system of the elderly also becomes weak, they must also eat this mixed pulse. 

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