Health Tips: Know by these symptoms without test, is cholesterol not increasing in the body?

High Cholesterol Symptoms: Cholesterol is very dangerous in lifestyle related diseases, because increasing cholesterol does not cause much problem in routine, but can cause heart disease. For this reason, cholesterol is considered an invisible killer. Without getting tested, these symptoms can tell whether cholesterol is increasing in your body.

Why high cholesterol is dangerous

What is PAD(peripheral artery diseas)
In this disease, cholesterol starts to accumulate in the arteries like brain, other parts of the body. Due to this, the blood flow in the arteries starts decreasing And this leads to crapping in the feet and hands. 

Symptoms of increased cholesterol in the body

According to the Department of Surgery of the University of California San Francisco, there may be cramping in the feet, in the toes, in the calf muscles and in the hip area. However, after taking rest, the cramping happening in these parts can be relieved. Swelling in the feet, or quick healing of the injury can also be other symptoms of increased cholesterol in the body. Sometimes the color of the skin starts turning yellow or having different temperature feel in both the legs can also be a symptom.  . 

causes of high cholesterol

1. Cholesterol can increase by not exercising daily
2. Eating too much fatty and oily can increase
3. Cholesterol may increase even if you are overweight
4. Smoking and drinking can also increase cholesterol 
5. Cholesterol can also remain high due to genetic reasons

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