Healthy Ice-cream Recipe: This ice cream of different flavor is also wonderful in taste and is also best for health, easy way to make

Paan Ice Cream Recipe: If you are fond of eating Paan, then this is the new ice cream recipe for you. Yes, today we are telling you the recipe of delicious ice cream of different taste, which you can prepare at home. The specialty of this ice cream is that those who eat this paan and those who do not even eat it, they will like the ice cream of this test very much. Let us tell you that betel leaves are considered very effective in improving digestion and removing inflammation. What’s the delay, let’s know about this Paan Ice Cream Recipe made at home.   

Ingredients needed for making Paan Ice Cream
Full Cream Milk and Half Liter
Gulkand Half Cup
Green Cardamom Powder
4 Paan Leaves
half cup of condensed milk

Let’s learn how to make Paan Ice Cream
To make Paan Ice Cream, first take betel leaves and wash them thoroughly. Now again soak them in water and leave it for some time. After this, wipe the betel leaves from the water and keep it aside. Now take a blender, add betel leaves, gulkand and condensed milk and grind it well till it becomes a smooth paste. Now take out the paste in a vessel and keep it aside.

Now add the betel paste which was prepared in it and beat it well with the help of whisker. Now transfer this ice cream paste to an ice cream mold or tray and keep it in the refrigerator to set overnight. Demold it the next day and serve it to everyone and enjoy.  

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