Healthy Way Of Fast Food: If you eat fast food in this way, you will reduce the damage

Bad Effects of Fast Food: There are two types of harm from eating fast food. Eating them many times can cause immediate food poisoning, bloating, stomach upset or vomiting. In the long term effect, this food can give you obesity, BP, sugar and heart related diseases.  However, this food has become a part of today’s lifestyle and it cannot be avoided at all. But if you want, you can minimize its bad consequences in these ways.

Best is to eat in small quantities- If you have to eat fast food or are going out somewhere then it is not necessary to overeating or eat full stomach. You eat outside food but in a limited amount. With this, you will not have to face the immediate side effects. Follow this formula for children also. Try to feed them a little something from home so that they do not eat too much outside food or fast food. 
Healthy version in fast food- Nowadays eating healthy in outside food too There are options. You can take fresh juice, cold compressed juice or any shake instead of soda. Shake also comes with the option of sugarless shake. In the same way, you can eat salad, sandwich or burger of organic vegetables. Whenever you go out, explore the options of salads and fruits. Atta bread and vegan food is also a batter choice. Apart from this, instead of fried, steamed food, soup are included in the category of healthy food. There is no need to make much at home in the morning and if eaten outside during the day, it is easily digested by the evening. When eating during the day, the stomach can be given rest in the evening with very light or without eating anything. Heavy food outside at night increases acidity, uneasiness and indigestion which can trouble you throughout the night.
Detoxify the body- If you have eaten heavy food then skip one meal at a time and Detoxify the body. For this you can take herbal tea of ​​your choice. You can take lemon water with honey. Or you can take lukewarm water of mint leaves. You can drink lukewarm water by adding some black salt, roasted cumin, lemon. If you feel very hungry, you can take soup. 
home-cooked fast food- Those who are invited to eat or go to a group are a different matter but if themselves or children If you want to eat outside food, then make it a weekend family ritual. In this you can include your family or friends and cook your favorite food like burger, pav bhaji, pizza, fries, pasta or any food at home 

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