Heavy panic in residential areas due to gas leak in Haryana’s Jhajjar

Jhajjar Ammonia Gas Leak: A major accident happened in Jhajjar city of Haryana around 10 pm last night. In fact, in the catechu factory located in the Berry Gate area, there was a leak due to the leaking of the pipe coming out of the cylinder of ammonia gas. Due to the leakage, there was huge panic in the residential areas. After the gas leak, many people started having difficulty in breathing, vomiting started. After getting the information, many people had to be admitted to the hospital.


A gas leak was reported at a factory in Jhajjar district of Haryana on Thursday* evening

"Incident of ammonia gas leakage reported. 3 ambulances and 3 to 4 fire brigades are available here. Advised people to wear masks," said Jag Niwas, Addl. Deputy Commissioner, Jhajjar. pic.twitter.com/0YlrOhKcFd

— ANI (@ANI) April 28, 2022

Some neighborhood areas were completely evacuated

splash of water on the streets

The condition of two firefighters deteriorated

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