Hemant Soren’s ailing mother sent for treatment to Hyderabad, green corridor built to go to the airport

Ranchi News: Jharkhand CM Hemant Soren’s mother Rupi Soren, who is seriously ill, has been taken to Hyderabad for better treatment. On Thursday afternoon, a green corridor was made for them from Hill View Hospital in Bariatu, Ranchi to Birsa Munda Airport. From here he was taken by chartered plane. CM Hemant Soren and many members of his family have also gone to Hyderabad with him.

No improvement in health
Rupi Soren was admitted to Hillview Hospital in Ranchi a week ago. When there was no improvement in the situation, he was referred to a higher center. Hemant Soren’s mother is suffering from pancreatic problem and has now been sent to Hyderabad for better treatment.

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