Hemophilia: The world’s most expensive medicine, in this disease one dose will cost Rs 28 crores

Hemophilia: Hemophilia patients no longer need to live in fear for the rest of their lives as US regulators have approved CSL Behring’s ‘Hemophilia B gene therapy’, which is the world’s costliest drug. Contains approved him. Through this therapy, this serious disease will be cured in just one dose. It has also been revealed in the research that to get rid of this disease, you will have to spend Rs 28 crores. After which you can comfortably do your  can live life. In such a situation, the question arises whether it is ‘hemophilia’?

What is ‘hemophilia’?

Hemophilia is a genetic disease in which if there is a wound or cut in any part of the body, continuous bleeding starts. In this disease, once bleeding starts, then the clot does not get frozen. According to health experts, the cause of this disease is a special type of protein found in the blood called ‘clotting factor’. Due to which blood does not clot and starts flowing continuously. 

One dose of ‘Hemophilia’ is around 29 crores

Let us tell you that a dose of ‘Hemophilia B Gene Therapy’ medicine is so expensive that it is far away from the common man’s pocket. Hemophilia B gene therapy will be one of the most expensive drugs in the world in the near future. Let us tell you that the patient of this disease has to take medicines for the whole life, as well as he is also afraid that due to some reason he may get hurt. On the other hand, this new therapy will cure the patient in just one dose. You will have to spend around 29 crores for one dose of this.

The patient will be cured in one dose of CSL Behring Hemigenics

It has also been revealed in the research that after Hemgenics of CSL Behring, only one dose of ‘Hemophilia B gene therapy’ drug will reduce the number of patients of Hemophilia by 54 percent. Along with this, 94 percent of the patients of this disease are such who take expensive injections for its prevention, they will also get rid of it. In this disease, patients who take expensive injections of factor  IX repeatedly will get rid of all these. This injection is given when the patient’s hemophilia increases.

One of the world’s most expensive drugs

Treatment of hemophilia has already improved a lot
For Alzheimer’s drug, Biogen Inc.’s Eduhelm is given in America, while Bluebird’s Zanteglo drug is very expensive in Europe. Although there has already been a lot of development in the treatment of hemophilia, said Peter Marks, director of the US Food and Drug Administration’s Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research. Necessary measures to prevent and treat bleeding can save patients from spoiling their lives. 

Method of treatment of hemophilia

In the treatment of hemophilia, the clotting proteins missing from the blood are put back into the blood. Which is prevented from its infection. This type of protein is inserted in the blood through medicine so that clots are formed in the blood and it can be prevented from flowing. The Hemgenix drug fills in the deficiency of this protein in the gene to replace the missing clotting protein in the blood. The injection triggers the production of Factor IX clotting protein. In the year 2020, the commercialization rights of Hemgenics were sold to CSL Behring. According to uniQure, approximately 16 million people in the US and Europe have hemophilia B. Hemophilia A is more common, affecting about five times as many people.

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