Hidden Depression: Identify From These 5 Symptoms Are you also a victim of Hidden Depression?

What is Hidden Depression: Depression and anxiety are the fastest growing diseases in the whole world. In developed countries, there is a lot of awareness about mental illness, but in our country many times people are hesitant to talk about it. However, in the last few years, there has been a lot of openness about depression in the urban middle and upper classes and now people take and talk about it like any normal disease. Normal depression is understandable and people consult a doctor about it and also eat medicines, but perhaps you will be surprised to know that many people also have hidden depression. In Hidden Depression, a person does not know that he is depressed, but there are many such habits including fear of being alone, negativity, overthinking, which show that he has Hidden Depression. 

Social Activity- It is said that in depression, a person does not like to be more social and he likes to be alone at times. But in Hidden Depression, sometimes the reverse happens and a person is afraid of being alone, so always socially more active That there is no motivation in him and he does not do very well in office or studies, but sometimes it is the opposite. Depressed person over-extends himself in work and studies to protect himself from negative thoughts and feelings of depression and works more than normal
Depression in Creativity- Sometimes people Express sad feelings through creativity. If someone always makes sad looking paintings, listens to painful songs-shayari or poems, then he may have Hidden Depression. 
Overthinker- This is a common problem. Which will be seen in Hidden Depression. People suffering from this disease over-think everything and can create negativity. That which is not being able to concentrate. If you suddenly blank out or do not feel like completing a task, then you may have depression which keeps you low.

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