Home Care: After dampness in rain, mildew found in wooden furniture, clean it like this

Tips To Remove Fungus From Wooden Furniture: Furniture is the beauty of any home. If anyone is taking entry in your house, then they will first see the furniture of your house. The rainy season is pleasant like this, but due to dampness and dampness during the rains, the entire furniture gets spoiled by the fungus. You will find many such ways to remove mold from furniture. The thing that comes out the most is the drying of the furniture in the sun when it is wet. But there is a problem here that if the furniture is not dried properly, then the chances of getting moldy in them will increase.

We will solve your problem through this article and tell that you can save your home furniture from mold by following these 3 tips.

The best way to protect furniture from mildew is to keep it in strong and strong sunlight and keep it till your furniture is completely dry. This is the oldest and best way to protect furniture from mold.

Sweep the mold off the furniture thoroughly using a coconut broom. What will happen by dusting that whatever dirt that has accumulated will come out and then you will see that a light white stain is left on the furniture. Use a wet cloth dipped in vinegar to remove this stain. With it you can wipe the furniture.

Another best way to get rid of mold is to soak cotton in lemon juice and water and wipe the furniture with it so that the fungus will not come again. And then put it in the sun.

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