Home Tips: By adopting these simple methods, you can also give a new look to the house in summer, just keep these things in mind

Wall :- Paint the walls of the house in the summer with light and warm colors, such as sky blue, light green, pink, yellow and cream. This will change the look of the whole room.

Wallpaper :- If you do not want to pant everywhere in your house, then wallpaper is the best solution for you. From daffodils, to purple lilacs, pink cherry blossoms and blue spring flowers, floral wallpapers give your home a fresh and vibrant look.

Floor :- To make the look of your house even more beautiful in summer, you should also pay attention to your flooring. Carpets with different colors and designs are very much in trend these days. So the combination of dark blue, green and white is your Will make the house colorful and beautiful.

Curtains :- Curtains give a newness and tone to the house, so your old curtains should be replaced with new, curtains. In this season curtains of colors like Lemon Green, Baby Pink, Sky Blue Put it on In fabrics, you can choose curtains with  fine fabrics like linen and light weight.

Vertical Moss Grass :- Nowadays people are choosing Vertical Moss Gardens. They do not have to be handled and  enhance the beauty of the house. It is best for the environment and also for making the house green.

Cross Ventilation:- To keep the house cool, cross ventilation is very important so that cold air comes inside the house and hot air outside the house. Open the windows and doors of the house from 5:00 to 8:00 in the morning and from 7:00 to 10.00 in the evening.

Exhaust Fan :- Turn on the exhaust fan of kitchen and bathroom. This will remove the hot and moist air present and cool the house.

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