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Ragini was busy in taking notes when she felt as if someone was watching her. She turned to solve her uneasiness and then found her laksh staring at her. She looked back at his eyes and fell into the love prison his eyes held for her. She wanted to turn back but couldn’t that’s when she realised that she wanted to stay in there forever  as his prisoner. No matter what happens she wouldn’t want to get out, even if she has the key she would never use it unless if it wasn’t his love.

Ragini was sumoned at the real world when she heard her teacher saying ,”What’s at the back that you are looking there Ms.ragini? If you share with us we will also be enlightened.” Ragini was flustered but composed herself before muttering an apology. She then diligently took her notes. But could feel the smirk of her husband.  Ahh her husband she smiled inwardly as she continued writing her notes.

Laksh was feeling very happy at their teacher’s comment. His wife was so distracted in him that she missed to listen to the class. She even got questioned which has never once occured. He was over the moon. He reminisced the moment he locked her gaze upon him. He has never once in his life has felt so captivated. He smiled at the thought of how love can change someone.

Shiv questioned his friend what was the little show that occured earlier. Laksh shrugged it off with a smile.

After the classes were over

Ragini was rushing out of the class first. She had to move faster to catch bus else she has to wait 20 mins before another bus arrives. She was going down the stairs when she felt a hand was pulling her aside. She opened her mouth to shout but was silenced by a finger hovering over her lips. She looked in suprise as the eyes that captivated her earlier staring at her deeply. Ragini where are you rushing to ?  Ragini replied the bus laksh it would go then I have to wait for another one. Didn’t I tell you that I’ll take you back home laksh questioned with sad eyes. Realization hit ragini that it was not any other regular day. Today was  different, she’ll be going back with her husband. She saw how quickly laksh masked his sad eyes into a happy one as she followed him. Ragini’s heart was jumping up and down like crazy she gatthered up courage and whispered sorry laksh I forgot it was not other normal day, but a day where my husband will be taking me back to our home. Laksh stopped in his tracks and slowly turned to her. He moved towards her as she moved backwards and hit the stairs wall. What did you say asked laksh. Ragini said sorry laksh.. no no the part where who will be picking you up laksh questioned.

ummm youuuu she replied. As she was about to walk away, laksh put his arms on the wall encaging her between him and the wall no tell your relation with me. Laksh this is college someone may see us she said. laksh told then tell me soon then we can head back before all students come down , it’s time for the other bell when everyone else will be moving. Ragini was  looking at him when the bell rang. Now she was nervous so uttered  husband, I forgot that my husband will be taking me back to our home. Laksh said say it one more time but not as an apology. Ragini heard some voices near the stairs so she uttered Husband now take me home. Laksh slowly removed his hands and ragini ran down the stairs as students came filing in . Laksh slowly styled his hair as his friend came down the stairs with a smirky look.

Cathy and her friends who arrived when ragini ran away. Cathy friends laughed at her as she has failed in conquering laksh because someone has him under their contrrol. How humiliating they  sighed. Cathy replied that laksh would be hers no matter what.

Laksh and shiv headed on their bikes to the gate and shiv saw ragini waiting near the end. Laksh stopped his bike near her and asked her why she was waiting here instead of inside. She told that she was bored so she walked a little. she hopped on to his bike. Shiv was puzzled he knew his friend has fallen for her but were they in  a commited relationship without telling him. Laksh stopped at the temple and they were waiting for shiv.

As soon as he came they treaded upon the stairs when shiv asked him laksh now no more delay tell me bro. Laksh pointed ragini and said Im in love with her.And she also loves me he said. So you hid that she and you are lovers. Laksh smiled no shiv it’s more than that. What? he questioned i’ll show you laksh replied.

Shiv received a call, so he told laksh to go ahead and he’ll be waiting down. Laksh went along with ragini. Ragini was very happy she had dreamed of this day many times . She prayed to god that they want to be happy like this forever. She also prayed for his happiness and his success. She wished that she would set their relationship straight. Laksh kept the sindoor in her maang and smiled at her. Laksh prayed to god to give him blessings to keep ragini happy forever and also thanked god for giving him his ragini.

They sat for some time and decided to go down. Shiv who has finished his call looked at his friend and his lover. Laksh said now I’ll be officially introducing you to each other. Ragini this is shiv my best friend and shiv this is ragini my wife. Shiv was shocked. He suspected lovers but husband and wife was out of world. He was thinking of what to do when cathy comes across this news and also about others. He set his thoughts aside and congratulated them. They spoke for some time then ragini invited him to her brother’s marriage. He knew he has gotten a sister in ragini and told her to call him bhaiya. Laksh smiled looking at his wife and her new found brothers aka his best friend who threatened him to keep his sister happy.

Laksh and ragini bid bye to shiv as they were on their way back home. Ragini prayed that she wanted to stay with laksh forever. On the way back home laksh  stopped near a food restuarant to order icecream for ragini. Ragini was hurt as she remembered an old incident where she saw laksh with cathy.


It was ragini’s friend birthday and they went out for dinner. As ragini and her friend sat down and placed their orders she heard laksh’s voice behind her. She turned back and saw laksh and cathy sitting so close to each other. She felt her heart hurt and her friend who noticed this asked her for the details.  Then as they were about to step out cathy who walked up collided with ragini. Ragini was about to say to cathy to watch where she is  going to but was cut by cathy’s rude remarks. Then as cathy raised her voice her best friend scolded cathy so much that she would have cried if not for laksh who was watching from behind. Laksh was looking annoyed looking at which ragini felt uneasy. Was he so in love with his cathy can’t he see that she was the one who started this . Instead of keeping her in check he’s giving her annoying looks. If it was a few days before  the incident she wouldn’t have felt this much hurt because it was when she realised that she loved him. Her eyes were building up tears before it could come up her friend dragged her to restroom. Ragini hugged her best friend and muttered her a sorry for spoiling her birthday with her problems. Her friend told her it’s fine as long as her best friend is with her. Her friend was so bugged with cathy  when they overheard her badmouthing ragini in the restroom so she came up with this great plan to lock her in the restroom. They ran out of the place laughing hard. Ragini smiled at her best friend now that’s feels bettter no great she uttered while running. All of a sudden she saw a mischeivious smile adorning her best friend’s face before she could realise she was falling down. She landed straight into someone’s arm. She looked up to see it was laksh. Ragini’s heart was pounding hard. She was lost in her dream land where laksh was holding her with eyes full of love. Laksh was also equally lost in her eyes. He was wondering what this feeling was as he was holding her . Her friend’s cough brought them back . He slowly made her stand straight and steadied himself. He left by leaving a smile to ragini.

He seems to be in love with you but has not realised it yet her friend said. I know you love me so much Im happy that I love him I’m not that sad that he doesn’t  so you dont have to lie. You’ll  also realise he loves you one day her friend sighed as she dragged ragini out to have some  fun.

Regarding the incident that ragini realised her love for laksh,i’ll tell you in the later episodes.

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