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hello readers..here is the next episode.

Sirat and Ranveer stops Ridhima..

Sirat:Ridhima..i want to tell you something.

Ridhima:haan..tell sirat.

Sirat: the culprits are here as guests..

Ridhim gets shocked..

Ridhima:what? Is they all those culprits for naira’s condition and your life?

Ranveer:not everyone..three among them are culprits.

Ridhima:who are they?

Ranveer: my two brothers and one girl. I have one own brother and two cousins and in that one of my cousin is good but my own brother and one cousin are culprits..

Ridhima gets shocked and feels bad..

Ridhima:how cheap? Your own relatives have done this. I don’t know what they did to your life but i guess they have disturbed you more and tried to kill naira..

Sirat:yes.. we will tell you what they did to us on right time. But we have to punish them..

Ridhima: yes. I will help you both..

Ranveer:no..we will see them you just help us by taking care of naira.. please..

Ridhima: don’t please me..it’s my duty to take care of my friend. You guys punish the culprits..they need to be punished.

Sirat hugs ridhima..

Sirat:thanks for being our support and please don’t tell this to anyone..

Ridhima:i promise..i wont tell.

At afternoon Rishabh Kabir karan and vansh are seen chilling in backyard little far away from swimming pool..

Karan:this kartik is lazy..he is chilling in room.

Rishabh: then where is mahir Bela and preeta?

Karan:they are other lazy people who are chilling in room too together..

Kabir:karan.. Don’t talk as if you are active person. You are more lazy in home..

Karan:that’s different case bhai. When we come to enjoy..we should give up our laziness like me..

Vansh:if you feel so..then go and bring them..

Karan:acha.. I’ll go..


While naira comes there and she sits near swimming and she doesn’t notice those guys sitting little away and she  lets her leg inside the pool..

Naira in mind:so boring..sirat and jiju doesn’t come out when guests comes..i don’t know why. And Ridhima too is not coming to play and talk with me now..iam so bored here.

Kartik’s room which was just above comes out to balcony and he gets suprised seeing naira and smiles and starts admiring her..

He looks at her without blinking and just admires her as if there is no world beyond her..

Naira hears some voices and she turns and sees vansh, rishabh and Kabir and gets shocked..

She starts to get flashes seeing Kabir and Rishabh..


Kabir and Rishabh are torturing sirat while naira tries to save her by beating them..

But chauhan comes there and drags her and he tries to push her off the cliff..

Naira screams:no.. please don’t push me..i don’t want to die.. please don’t kill me..

Sirat who was held captive by Rishab and Kabir cries..

Sirat shouts: please.. please leave her.. Don’t kill her.. please..

But chauhan pushes her off the cliff and naira falls sadly..

Flash ends while naira starts to panic seeing the flash..

Naira:no.. don’t kill me..i want to live.. please don’t kill me..

She starts breathing heavily thinking the flash to be happening now..

Naira:no.. Don’t kill me..

Kartik sees her expression and gets shocked..

Kartik in mind: what happened to her? Why is she breathing like this?

Naira hallucinates chauhan Rishab and Kabir near her and screams..

Naira:no.. Don’t kill me..i want to live..

Kartik gets shocked hearing this..

Kartik in mind: what happened to her? Why is she telling like this..I’ll better go and check.

Kartik comes immediately there and naira starts running away as she hallucinates the past chauhan Kabir and Rishabh killing her..

Naira: please don’t kill me..i don’t want to die..

She runs to the some edge while kartik runs immediately and he pulls her towards him and holds her by shoulders..

Kartik:calm down.. what happened to you? Why are you screaming like this?

Naira still sees Rishabh Kabir and chauhan near her and cries..

Naira:see..they will kill me. He is trying to push me off this mountain..i don’t want to die.. please save me..

Kartik gets shocked..

Kartik:but there is no one here..and no one is pushing you..so relax..

Naira hugs him tightly and cries..

Naira:no..they are near me..they are trying to kill me.. please save me.

Kartik understands that she is hallucinating something and he comforts her..

Kartik:fine..fine..I’ll save you from them. Now just close your eyes..I’ll beat them up and take you from here.

Naira closes her eyes and kartik lifts her and takes her to room..

He makes her lie down and..

Kartik:now open your eyes..

Naira opens her eyes and sees no one except kartik and suddenly she faints..

Kartik:hey..hey girl.. what happened?

Ridhima comes there and gets shocked..

Ridhima:hello.. what are you doing in our room?

Kartik:iam sorry to enter here. But this girl was hallucinating something and was panicking and so i somehow pacified her and brought her here and suddenly she got unconscious now..

Ridhima gets shocked..

Ridhima in mind: she..i know she hallucinates the incident that happened to her. I was not aware till now of why she thinks that but now i understood. But she hallucinates only when she gets shocked..but why did she get now?

Ridhima: thanks for bringing her here. But did she gets shocked or something..

Kartik:i don’t know as i just saw her from balcony. If you don’t mind.. can you tell what happened to her and why it happened to her?

Ridhima recalls her promise and..

Ridhima: iam sorry..i can’t tell you as i promised si..i mean naira that i won’t tell anyone about her hallucination. But one thing i can tell is..it occurs as she was done brain surgery before 3 years due to nerve damage and doctor advised not to give her shocks or stress which can lead to this state..

Kartik gets shocked and gets sad for her..

Kartik:ohh.. that’s very bad to hear. But anyways..i wish for her recovery.

Suddenly Ridhima gets a call..

Ridhima:hello..did the medicine came?

Caller:yes..you can come and collect it.

Ridhima:thank you..i will come within minutes.

She cuts the call and thinks how to leave alone as it was her responsibility and sees kartik..

Ridhima in mind:he seems good..i guess he is not that culprit and that’s why he asked about her. I may get help from him..

Kartik was about to go but Ridhima stops him..

Ridhima: excuse me..can you do a help?

Kartik:yeah..tell me..

Ridhma: actually i need to go to medical for collecting naira’s medicines..so can you stay with her till i come? Woh..when she is in this state..she may gets scared of she finds no one near her when she opens eyes..that’s why.

Kartik:you don’t worry..i will be here till you come.

Ridhima goes while kartik sits in bed and he stares naira without even a single blink sadly..

Then suddenly a cool breeze comes from window making naira cold and her hands and legs starts to shiver and kartik notices it and he picks a blanket and covers her lovingly..

Later Ridhima comes and thanks kartik and he smiles seeing naira and goes back to his group in backyard..

Karan comes to preeta’s room and gets stunned seeing her dressed beautifully..

Preeta notices karan through mirror and gets shocked and she turns towards him..

Preeta: what nonsense? Why are you looking at me while iam getting ready?

Karan:you don’t talk nonsense..if you don’t want anyone to see you then why are you getting ready keeping door opened?

Preeta gets irritated..

Preeta: if the door is opened..then will you see me? Can’t you go away after seeing that iam getting ready..

Karan:i was looking at you admiring your ghostly figure. I don’t know whom did you plan to scare and kill with this ghostly Avatar..as i don’t fear for ghosts i dint gets scared seeing you..but poor friends..i don’t know how they are going to react seeing you.

Preeta gets shocked and understands that he is making fun of her make up..

Preeta:you..how dare you make fun of my look? I got ready beautifully but you are making fun..wait.. what I’ll do now..

Preeta chases karan while karan runs around and he enters preeta’s room and climbs on the bed while preeta screams..

Preeta:arghhhhh..i don’t like anyone getting on my bed..get down immediately..

Karan: don’t get angry..it’s this house owner’s bed not yours.. so don’t raise your BP for it..

Preeta gets more irritated and she too clims bed to cath him but her leg slips and was about to fall while karan sees it and he was about to hold her but he too loses balance and both falls on each other and they meet with an eyelock..

Within some moments preeta pushes him away and gets up..

Preeta: you are useless..you couldn’t hold me and save me also..

Karan gets up and stares her..

Karan:excuse me i lost balance that’s it. But you are useless as you guys are chilling inside the room atself instead of coming out..did we come here for it?

Preeta: actually i thought to come out after getting ready but bela and mahir gone out to catch up with you guys in backyard..dint they come yet?


Preeta:i wonder where they went.. they went long ago..

Karan smiles..

Karan:i doubt whether they are love birds.. always together in everything and even in missing too. Now i will catch them red handed..wait..

preeta laughs..

Karan goes fiecely to find them..

At a corner mahir pulls bela closer..


Mahir:shut up bela..now don’t start your dialogue that” mahir.. someone will see..” as i founded a nice corner for our romance so no one can find this place..

Bela: you are getting over cheesy nowadays..so control..

Mahir:arrey..we are lovers and what’s wrong in getting cheesy with a girlfriend?Don’t become a hitler in our love..

Mahir gets closer to kiss while bela closes her eyes in shyness..

Suddenly karan comes there shouting..

Karan:mahir..bela..where are you both?

Hearing his voice they move away immediately and karan sees them and comes..

Karan:you both here? What were you both doing alone in this corner?

Bela and mahir gets embarassed and they lie..

Bela and mahir:we were fighting..

Karan gives a confused look..

Karan: fighting without a sound? No fight happens without a sound..and when i was nearing this side..i dint get any voice or sound of your fight..

Mahir: actually..karan..we are expert in dumb fighting too.


Karan’s doubt increases..

Karan in mind: i can sense something between you both. You can lie now..but i will catch you both one day..

Karan:acha..then come to backyard soon without wasting time as we came to enjoy..

Bela:we will come..

Karan goes while mahir Whispers in bela’s ears…

Mahir:he became our first love enemy..

Bela laughs and they both go..

The youngsters enjoys themselves nicely..


At night everyone goes to sleep while rishabh and kartik sleeps on a room..

At midnight the heavy wind blows waking rishabh..

Rishabh in mind:why is this wind blowing like this suddenly? I’ll go and close the window..

Rishabh sees kartik sleeping and he moves away without disturbing him and closes the window..

Rishabh:thank god..now it’s okay. I’ll go and sleep after going washroom..

He goes to washroom and he opens the bipe from washbasin and he washes his hands..

Suddenly the lights get off in the washroom shocking him..

Rishabh in mind:what happened suddenly? Why did the lights go off..maybe the electricity would have gone..

Suddenly the transparent water turns into a blood in washbasin..

Rishabh gets shocked and scared..

Rishabh:ho..how..how can..can a..wa..water change t..to re..red co.. colour?

Suddenly a scary voice comes from behind..

Voice:i can change..i can change everything..

He gets scared at the voice and he turns shivering and sees a women walking towards him with both hands and feet and her body and head upside down..

He gets scared and screams..

Rishabh: aaahhhhh..

He faints on the washroom..

PRECAP:- Naira plays with kartik. Kabir gets scared. Everyone makes fun of rishabh..

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