House collapsed after heavy rain in Bageshwar, 19 roads closed, increased water level of Saryu and Gomti rivers

Bageshwar News: Heavy rains continue to cause heavy damage to houses and roads in Bageshwar. People are facing a lot of trouble due to the stagnation of traffic on 19 roads. Due to incessant rains, the water level of Saryu and Gomti has also increased.

After heavy rain  houses damaged 
It is raining heavily in the district. Due to the rain, the residential house of Madan Ram son Ganga Ram in Gwadapjena of Garuda block was demolished. The houses of Chatur Singh son Dungar Singh and Bhupal Ram son Bishan Ram of Chaurason were damaged in Jakheda. The houses of Narayan son Jayballabh in Khankar area of ​​Kafligaar tehsil area and Vishan Singh’s son Ganga Singh in Pana village were also damaged due to heavy rains.

Opening of closed roads continues.
Bageshwar-Dafaut and Saung-Khali Dhar roads, which were closed for a long time, are yet to be opened. People are facing problems due to the halt of traffic on Jaisar-Reuni Lakhmar, Dangoli-Salani and Badi Panyali motorways. While disaster officer Shikha Suyal said that the work of opening the roads closed due to heavy rains is going on continuously. The Meteorological Department has predicted heavy rains in the coming days as well. In view of this, the administration is fully alert. Disaster control rooms and police stations have been instructed to remain vigilant for 24 hours."text-align: justify;">Also read:-

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