How beneficial it is to eat Maduve bread instead of bread in winter, know what are the health benefits

Madua ka Atta: As soon as winter comes, people start taking special care of their food. All of you must have noticed this thing in your homes that in the cold weather things with hot effect are often included in the food. Then whether it is pulse-vegetable or roti. To protect the body from cold and to increase immunity, people consume Maduve flour in winter. Actually, Maduve flour is hot and it gives many benefits to the body.

What is Maduva?

Actually, Maduve flour or Maduve crop is a hot effect crop traditionally produced in Uttarakhand. Nutrients like proteins, fats, minerals etc. are found in plenty in Maduve. It is also called the king of winter in the mountains. Maduve flour is not only limited to the entire state today, but it has also been included in the list of elites at the international level. Although Maduve flour keeps the body away from many benefits and diseases, but its importance increases further in the cold season. Not only bread is made from Maduve flour, but many dishes like halwa, biscuit cake etc. are now being prepared. Maduve is rich in proteins, calcium, iron,  tryptophan, methionine, fiber, lecithin, phosphorus, carotene and carbohydrates etc. which are essential and beneficial for the body.

Let us know how beneficial it is to eat Maduve roti in the winter season.

Keeps stomach problems away

Fibers are found in abundance in Maduve roti, which is helpful in weight loss. Maduve flour is also effective in getting rid of stomach problems like acidity, constipation, indigestion etc.

 Bones become strong 

Calcium is very important for the bones of the body to remain strong. Calcium is found in abundance in Maduve bread, due to which our bones remain strong. Its regular consumption reduces the risk of osteoporosis.

A panacea for diabetics

Diabetes patients feel less hungry. Maduve bread is gluten free which is beneficial for diabetic patients.

BP is maintained 

Maduve bread also maintains the level of BP in the body. Apart from this, Maduva is beneficial for those women who start having shortage of milk. By consuming it, folic acid, iron, calcium, protein, fiber, vitamins, etc. are easily supplied in women.

Get rid of viral infection 

Due to change in weather, the risk of viral infection increases. Consuming Maduve bread does not cause problems of cold, cold, sore throat, sore throat etc. 

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