How did people’s food and drink change during the COVID-19 pandemic? Revealed in the survey of ICMR

Fruits rich in Vitamin C as well as taking higher doses of Vitamin C

Zinc is widely used by people

It was seen in the survey that 61.4% people used zinc. Along with this, Indian spices like 62.9% used ginger and 50.9% used garlic. Along with this, 28.8% of the decoction and Chyawanprash were consumed by 28.1% of the people to increase the immunity of their body. In the information received from the survey, it was found that people believed more in home food and decreased in outside food. During Kovid, people also ordered less food from the market. It was found in the research that 60% of the people preferred home food over the market. During this time the demand for fruits and vegetables in home food also increased. 

reduce the use of Chinese food

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