How long will Taiwan be able to stand ahead of China in the event of war? Know whose military power is

China Taiwan News: China is furious over the visit of US Parliament Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan. He is constantly warning America of the consequences and with this he has launched his army for maneuver in the sea area near the Taiwan border. In a way, it is a step towards moving towards a fierce war of three countries. China is calling Nancy’s visit to Taiwan a violation of the One China Policy. 

Military Strength, China VS Taiwan
China is the world’s superpower, in this sense Taiwan is negligible in front of China in military strength. Along with this, China has the largest military contingent in the world. China has 20 lakh 35 thousand active soldiers including all types of soldiers. Whereas Taiwan has only 1.63 lakh active soldiers. In which there are 88 thousand land, 40 thousand navy and 35 thousand air force personnel. At the same time, a big superpower like China has 9.65 lakh army, 2.60 lakh navy and 4.14 lakh air force personnel. If defense experts are to be believed, Taiwan can only slow down China’s attack even after applying its full force. Apart from this, Taiwan does not have much to fight the war.   

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Taiwan does not stand in front of China
Apart from this, if both countries talk about fighter jets, weapons, tanks, warships, airstrips, then Taiwan is not far in front of China. lasts. China’s military has 3285 aircraft, compared to Taiwan’s only 741 aircraft. At the same time, China has 1200 fighter jets, while Liwan has only 288 fighter jets. If we talk about the helicopters of both the countries, then China has 912 helicopters, out of which 91 are attack helicopters. There are 5250 tanks, 35 thousand armored vehicles, 4120 self-propelled artillery. At the same time, Taiwan has only 1110 tanks, 257 self-propelled guns. From this point of view, Taiwan does not stand in front of China from anywhere in the war.

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