How much does corona affect children? These claims made in the new report

Covid-19 New Research Report: New research on Kovid-19 in America has told about the great danger to children. After this the parents have also been alerted. New research has found that children with specific immunodeficiency diseases have abnormalities in genes that weaken the body’s immune system against viral infections. Due to this, the risk of death in children suffering from this type of disease is very high. This research is published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology. 

Children mortality rate very high

what came in the result of the research 

he said"Our results suggest that genetic testing must be done in children suffering from serious diseases like Covid-19 and MIS-C. The doctors will then be able to help these children in addition to treating them appropriately based on their genetics." Researchers also conducted genetic and immunological research in young patients with immunodeficiency diseases, also known as inborn errors of immunity. which has led to the development of severe SARS-CoV-2 infection.
Prof.Pan-Hammerström  What did you say?

Prof. Pan-Hammerström said that "Our results elucidate the molecular mechanisms of these immune diseases,  Through which we can completely target and treat Kovid. With the information we get from this research, we can develop better strategies for the treatment and prevention of serious COVID-19 disease."
31 children were researched

31 children aged five months to 19 years were included in this research. All children without molecular diagnosis had some form of primary immunodeficiency disease and were suffering from severe COVID-19. All were admitted in Iran from August to September 2020. None of them had been vaccinated for COVID-19. The researchers said that more than a third of the nearly eleven children died due to the infection. Five of the children met the criteria for Multi Inflammatory Syndrome (MIC-C). He said that some children lacked antibodies to the coronavirus.

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