How much does the youth of India know about politics and elections, the results of the survey will surprise you

Politics and Election Survey On Youth: How much information do the youth of our country have about politics and what do they want about the upcoming elections. To know all this, the Center for the Study of Developing Societies (CSDS) conducted a survey. In this survey, many questions related to politics and elections were asked. This survey was conducted between January 16 and January 20, in which questions were asked to about 761 students of Delhi University. 

Actually, Young Voters Awareness and Opinion organized by Lokniti program of Delhi. These questions were asked under Survey 2023. In this, students of 18 to 34 years were included. National Voters Day is observed as . In view of this, this survey was conducted and questions were raised on politics. 

When will be the next national election? 

The first question was that When will the next national election be held? 7 out of 10 students gave the correct answer 2024. Of these, 79 per cent were women, 55 per cent were girls. 

55 per cent students registered voters

55 per cent students surveyed registered as voters were. There were more men than women in it. It was also observed that 18-19 year olds were found to be less number of registered voters than those older than that. 

How many youths feel their vote is important< /p>

In the survey, it was asked how many people think that their one vote can be necessary for the election. In this, 9 people feel that their vote is important while one also feels that his vote does not matter. 

Which is better between EVM and ballot paper 

There has been a continuous debate about EVM and ballot paper. In view of this, opinion was also taken from the youth in this regard. In response, four out of five youth said they would choose EVMs over ballot paper.

Minimum educational qualification to contest elections 

In five Four students believed that there should be a minimum educational qualification to contest elections in India. It was also found that support for minimum education qualification was higher among women than men.

What should be the retirement age for politicians

When youths were asked whether they supported fixing the retirement age for politicians in India, three out of four people said yes. The support was higher among students who are pursuing post graduation. 

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