How much military weapons and equipment did the US leave in Afghanistan? Big disclosure from the report

US Military Equipment in Afghanistan: After the Taliban occupation in Afghanistan, America had left a large number of weapons and military equipment there. The US Defense Department has said US troops left US$7.12 billion in military equipment and weapons in Afghanistan after withdrawing from the war-ravaged country in August last year. The US provided US$18.6 billion in military hardware to the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) for 16 years. CNN quoted the US Department of Defense as saying that among them, US$7.12 billion in equipment, including air-to-ground weapons, aircraft, military vehicles, weapons and other military gear. 

US discards more than US$7 billion in military equipment

After leaving Afghanistan, the US military had confirmed that they would not return to Taliban-ruled Afghanistan to either destroy or retrieve equipment. 
According to a report released by the US Department of Defense, Almost all equipment left in Afghanistan required special maintenance. US Defense Department Army Chief Rob Lodwick said all equipment left in Afghan territory belonged to the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF). He said military supplies used by the US military in the war were either destroyed or left behind before the US left Afghan lands.

Afghan was captured by Taliban in August last year

According to the CNN report, the amount of US $ 7.12 billion was not part of this figure. In addition, aircraft worth US$923.3 million that were left behind in Afghanistan were decommissioned prior to the US departure. In addition to air-to-ground munitions, which cost US$6.54 million, and approximately 40,000 military vehicles, other equipment included night vision, vigilance, biometric and positioning tools, and demining equipment. Let us tell you that in August last year, US troops left Afghanistan after the Taliban capture.

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