How should be the night care routine with increasing age, stay young for a long time

The best time for the skin is night time
The most effective for beautiful skin is a good lifestyle and food. Despite this, a good skin care routine is also desperately needed to keep the skin glowing. Most of the people apply many beauty products on their face and often they do this work only during the day which is the biggest mistake. Yes, when you sleep at night, some hormones do their work and new skin tissue is also formed during the night. In such a situation, you should apply something on the skin of the night time, so that its effect is better throughout the night. In this way, night time is the best time for the skin.

what to do in skin care routine

1- Do face wash- Throughout the day, dust accumulates on your face, makeup happens, soil gets deposited. In this way your face gets messy, so before applying any kind of cream, wash your face thoroughly, so that your face becomes clean. The pores of your skin also get opened which affects your face. This makes the face very clean. 

2- Apply Serum- Actually it is very important to keep the face hydrated at night so that your face does not become dry. In this case, use a serum to keep the face moisturized and hydrated. Actually, the serum removes the old cells from the face and makes new cells. In this way it helps the face.  Night serum is the best option to apply at night.

3- Apply Night Cream- Night cream contains many types of acids and nutrients which help in glowing the face. Not only this, but it also repairs the skin cells and removes the blemishes from the skin. In such a situation, definitely apply night cream and see the difference in a few days.

All these are the steps of the skin care routine. Despite this, drinking water throughout the day can make your skin glowing. Actually drinking water keeps your body hydrated and removes toxins from the body, which makes the face glowing.

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