How strong has the Jaipur Pink Panthers become with the arrival of Rahul Choudhary? Know the full team profile

Jaipur Pink Panthers: In the ninth season of Pro Kabaddi League (PKL), the team of Jaipur Pink Panthers will come as a strong contender. Jaipur has made a lot of changes in its team for this season. He had let go of many important players from his team and has brought in some new players. The biggest name to be associated with Jaipur this season is Rahul Chaudhary, who is known as the poster boy of this league. Even though Rahul’s performance in the last few days has not been very good, but he is a legend of this league. Let us know what could be the strengths and weaknesses of Jaipur in the upcoming season.

Radding is strong under Arjun’s leadership

Jaipur retained Arjun Deshwal, who took 267 raid points last season. This season Arjun will be the main raider of Jaipur. To support Arjun, Jaipur has bought some of the best raiders. Rahul Chaudhary is also one of them. Last season was very disappointing for Rahul, but he will try to make a strong comeback this season. Apart from this, there is also a raider in the form of V Ajit Kumar who has proved to be very good as a supporter. There are a total of seven raiders in the team. 

Defense has depth

Some big names have gone from Jaipur’s defense, but as their substitute, Jaipur has signed big players. The highlight of Jaipur’s defense will be Sunil Kumar, who was the backbone of Gujarat Giants’ defense for several seasons. Apart from this, Sahul Kumar, who performed well last season, has also been retained. The team has a total of 10 options in defense which makes it very strong.

Jaipur has only one all-rounder

Jaipur has not invested in all-rounders for this season. He has included only one all-rounder in his team for this season. The all-rounder who has been given a chance by Jaipur also does not have much experience in the league and this thing can create problems for them.

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