How to check if someone is reading your chat on Whatsapp

Whatsapp Chatting Security Tips: Chatting on WhatsApp has become quite common in the world these days. People write professional as well as private conversations during chatting, but what if someone starts taking all your WhatsApp chatting in their hands? You might not know that the feature to make this statement possible has also been given in your mobile phone itself. Here we are telling you how your safe chatting can be leaked and how you can prevent your chatting from leaking.

WhatsApp account can be used on 4 devices 

Do these things immediately when in doubt

If you are suspecting that someone is reading your messages in the above way, then you can find out about him with a trick. First of all you have to open your WhatsApp. There you will see three dots. By tapping on those three dots, go to the option of Linked Devices. By clicking on it, you will get the information of all the devices below where your WhatsApp account is running. If you think that one of these devices is not yours, then you can log out by clicking on it.

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