How to use Locked Folder in Google Photos to hide your photos?

First introduced in May 2021, the Locked Folders feature in Google Photos was for Pixel smartphones, but later in October last year, Google announced that the feature would be rolling out to all Android smartphones. The Locked Folder feature in Google Photos allows users to save photos behind a password protected folder. When a photo is locked, it won’t appear in Google Photos Grid, Memory, Search, or Albums. Note that this feature will soon be available on iOS, but is not yet available. So here is a step by step guide on how you can setup Locked Folders feature and use it to hide your private photos.

How to use locked folders

  • Open Google Photos first.
  • Now tap on the Library section at the bottom.
  • Now tap on the Utilites section and scroll down.
  • Now ‘Locked Folder’ Tap on.  Google Play will now tell you how it works. Tap on the ‘Set up’ option at the bottom right. 
  • Now enter your screen lock password or fingerprint that you have set. After doing this you will come to the locked folder.

Now, every time you enter the locked folder, you have to enter your password/fingerprint. To add photos to a locked folder, you can  ‘Move Items’ can click on. Alternatively, you can click on the Add Photo button at the top right side to put the photos inside the locked folder.

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