How will youth get employment in financially poor Himachal? The cabinet sub-committee called for the report

Himachal Pradesh News: Before coming to power in Himachal Pradesh, the Congress had promised to provide 5 lakh jobs. In the pledge letter of the Congress, it was already talked about giving one lakh jobs in the cabinet. In the first cabinet meeting held in Himachal Pradesh on January 13, Chief Minister Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu has constituted a cabinet sub-committee for employment generation. On Monday, a cabinet sub-committee meeting was held at Himachal Pradesh State Secretariat under the chairmanship of Industries Minister Harsh Vardhan Chauhan. Education Minister Rohit Thakur also attended the meeting.

In the meeting, information has been sought from all the officers about the vacant posts and the employees who are going to retire within 15 days. Jagat Singh Negi, a member of the cabinet sub-committee, was also to attend the meeting, but could not attend the meeting due to his visit to Kinnaur.

Government will also have to be ready for the financial burden

Harshvardhan Chauhan said that the government is considering this. A report has also been sought on the burden on the economy for providing one lakh jobs in the state. The officers will present their report before the cabinet sub-committee in 15 days. After 15 days, once again there will be a meeting of the cabinet sub-committee for employment generation. In this meeting, future strategy will be prepared for providing employment to the youth of Himachal Pradesh.

Cabinet ministers have declared Himachal economically poor

It is noteworthy that in Himachal Pradesh, the Congress party as the opposition had raised the issue of unemployment loudly. Being in the opposition, the Congress had done the work of besieging the government on the issue of unemployment even inside the Vidhansabha. After the Congress came to power, it is a big challenge before the government to provide employment to the youth. Himachal Pradesh is also facing financial crisis. The ministers of the cabinet have already expressed the poverty of Himachal Pradesh’s economy. In such a situation, creating employment for one lakh youth in Himachal Pradesh is going to be a big challenge before the government.

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