Huge increase in toll collection through Fastag, increased by 46 percent in the year 2022

Toll Collection: There has been a huge increase in toll collection through Fastag. In the year 2022, this collection has increased by 46 percent to Rs 50 thousand 855 crore. It also includes the collection of toll plazas of the National Highways of the state. The National Highways Authority of India ie NHAI has given this information on Tuesday. In the year 2021, a toll collection of Rs 34 thousand 778 crore was done through Fastag.

According to the statement of NHAI, the daily average toll collection from FASTag in December 2022 at the toll plazas of National Highways was Rs 134.44 crore and the highest one-day collection was Rs 144.19 crore on 24 December 2022. According to the statement, the number of FASTag transactions has also increased by about 48 percent on an annual basis in 2022.

The number of plazas also increased

In the years 2021 and 2022, this figure was Rs 219 crore and Rs 324 crore. NHAI has said that 6.4 crore FASTags have been issued so far and in the year 2022, the number of fee-deducting plazas through FASTag in the country has also increased to 1,181. It also includes 323 state highway plazas. This number was 922 in the year 2021.

Fastag made mandatory in the year 2021

With the help of FASTag, the waiting time at the toll plaza has been reduced significantly as there is no need to stop at the toll booth to pay the fee. The government has made FASTag mandatory for all private and commercial vehicles from 16 February 2021. Vehicles that do not have a valid or current FASTag have to pay double the amount of toll fee as fine.

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