Hyderabad Famous Food: If you taste these 5 dishes of Hyderabad, you will go crazy

Best Non Veg Street Food In Hyderabad: By the way, the city of Hyderabad is famous for many things. Famous pearls, Charminar and what to know here. But if you come to Hyderabad and do not enjoy the street food here, then your journey to Hyderabad will not be considered complete. Here we are telling you about some special street food of Hyderabad, which compels the tourists to come again because of its captivating aroma and taste. So let’s make you familiar with these mouth-watering dishes.

Boti Kebab
Boti Kebab is the life of Hyderabad. This famous street food is famous among Hyderabadi people as well as it compels the tourists who come here to come here again due to its wonderful taste and texture. Boti kebabs are made from spicy mutton along with fresh herbs from the garden. The local herbs added to it make its taste even more amazing.

mirchi ka salan
mirchi ka salan is a type of gravy dish. Coconut, groundnut, sesame and green chilies are the ingredients that are the lifeblood of this dish. If you are fond of eating spicy food then definitely try this dish once. Fresh coconut paste adds a wonderful taste to this dish.

Keema Samosa
Keema Samosa is prepared with spicy spices and minced meat. Which is an auda and tasty snack on the streets of Hyderabad. This dish is eaten a lot during Ramadan.

Kubani ka Meetha
Kubani ka Meetha is a famous sweet of Hyderabad. In which dried apricots are used. Along with this, almonds are also used in it. This dish is served with ice cream or thick cream.

Double Ka Meetha
This dish is definitely served in Muslim weddings of Hyderabad. It is a type of bread pudding in which bread slices are soaked in milk mixed with saffron and cardamom. After which it is baked. Once formed, it doubles in size.

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