‘I can’t even get out of bed’, Shraddha’s WhatsApp chat reveals assault

Delhi Shraddha Murder Case: Everyday new revelations are happening in the Shraddha murder case. Now in this matter Shraddha’s WhatsApp chat has come to know about the fight with her. This chat between Shraddha and her former team leader is in the hands of ABP News. This chat is dated November 24, 2020, in which Shraddha is telling about her ill health. 

It is being known from this WhatsApp chat of Shraddha that she was badly beaten by her lover Aftab Poonawalla. Shraddha wrote in the chat that she will not be able to work today. BP is low after yesterday’s beating and there is pain in the body. She further wrote that she could not even get up from the bed. Police sources told today that Shraddha had to be hospitalized after being thrashed. 

Investigators say these chats are from when they lived together in Vasai near Mumbai. He had written this along with a picture in the WhatsApp chat. Injury marks are also visible on Shraddha’s face in the photo.

She told her friend that she needed to make sure that he (Aftab) goes out today and also mentioned talking to her parents in the chat dated Nov 24, 2020 which shows that their relationship was broken in the middle. 

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