‘I didn’t talk to Anil Antony, he is capable of speaking himself’, says Shashi Tharoor on resignation

Shashi Tharoor On Anil Antony: Prime Minister

Tharoor has also questioned the banning of the BBC documentary. How can a documentary affect the sovereignty of our nation, he asked? The ban from the center is unnecessary. We are a strong country, we could have ignored it. Our sovereignty and national security is not something that can be easily influenced by a documentary. 

I have not spoken to Anil. He has not discussed it with me, but he is capable of speaking for himself: Congress MP Shashi Tharoor on Anil K Antony’s resignation from Congress party

— ANI (@ANI) January 25, 2023

BBC documentary supported BJP amid controversy 

Actually, BBC documentary on Gujarat riots AK Antony’s son Anil Antony has got support for this. He had tweeted about this that despite all the differences with the BJP, giving more importance to the views of BBC and former British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw than the views of Indian institutions is a dangerous practice and will affect the sovereignty of the country. While resigning, he said that he was being pressurized to withdraw this tweet. 

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