‘I was embarrassed to tell about this, but told after Gulzar’s opinion’, who said this

Deepti Naval Share Memory: Starting her film career with Shyam Benegal’s film ‘Junoon’, considered a veteran film director of the film industry. Wali Deepti Naval is considered to be a very good actress. Deepti Naval remains in the limelight every day. Meanwhile, he has shared some of his memories. Let us know what things Deepti Naval has shared.

Disclosure of Deepti Naval

According to India Today’s report, Deepti Naval attended the Organized English Literature Aaj Tak function in Delhi as a speaker. In this function, Deepti shared her childhood memories and said that ‘When I was just 13 years old, I left my home for Kashmir without informing. I did this because I had seen many such films from the four walls of my house, most of the songs were shot in Kashmir. Because of this, I thought of going to Kashmir. To Kashmir, I took a train from Pathankot and then a bus to Jammu. However, the family members had kept the report due to which I was caught in Pathankot.’

Continuing her point, Deepti Naval further said in that function that ‘I was very embarrassed to tell about this incident of my life, but after the opinion of Gulzar Sahab, I finally told about that incident. Just mentioned it and after that I feel very free. Along with this, Deepti also told that ‘while leaving the house, I did not even think about whether I am safe or not. Although it is not possible to do so in today’s time, whose main region is increasing crime. I could come back because the time was very different.’

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