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Kartik and Naira are still in their hug

Kartik: Yeh room, it saw my sadness, but tumhara ane ke baad, it saw my happiness. Thank you Naira.

Naira: Its your pyar which brought a brain to this idiot, and brought me back to you, it dragged me back to you.

Kartik: All problems katham. It is going to be an amazing Diwali tomorrow

Kartik: Haan ji.

The scene freezes

Next morning, Goenka Villa

Naira is getting Akshu ready, and Gayu is getting Vatsal ready. Keerthi, Gayu, Swarna and Surekha are getting Ram ji and Sita Devi’s murtis. There is smile and laughter everywhere. Kairav Vansh and Krish, and Krishna are getting ready. Dadi is doing other arrangements. Luv Kush are busy with Naksh and Kartik.

Kartik comes and Naira feels a grip on her hand and she turns to see Kartik. He gets closer to her.

Naira: Kartik… sab hain yaha par

Kartik: So what?

Naira: Sharam hi nahi ati tumhe?

Kartik: Baba Majnu ne kaha hai ki –

Naira: Kya kaha hai?

Kartik: Pappi to deni chahiye

Naira: Nahi..

She pushes him away

Kartik: Dekho… mujhe help karni hai, tum you won’t let me

Naira: Kartik..it’s getting late don’t disturb me.

The rituals continue in full spirits of Goenka family.

Kartik takes Naira to their room

Naira: Kartikkkkk! Mujhe bohot kam hai…!!!

Kartik: Nairaaaaaaa! Thora mere saath bhi betho na?

Luv Kush come


Luv: Oh, uh, chalo Kush hum baad me aate hai…

Kartik: Oye, bolo kya kam hai, kebab mein hadi.

Luv Kush: Kuch nahi, bhabhi se kam hai.. baad me ate hai, R-O-M-A-N-C-E karlo.

Naira: Kartik, tum jao yaha se, mujhe apne devar 1 aur 2 se baat karni hai.

Kartik: Mein kyu jau?

Naira: Kartik

Naira smiles without her eyes, raises her eyebrows, and stops smiling and Kartik gets scared

Kartik: Tikhe, ja raha hu!

Kartik Leaves

Naira: Ab bolo, kya kam hai.

Lyv: Bhabhi… hum ne aapki, twin ko dekha hai

Naira: Twin? You mean to say… judwaa?

Kush: Haan bhabhi, she looks like you

Naira: How do you know about her?

Luv: Woh bhabhi, mein aur Kush, we were getting gifts for the kids, and we saw a man, he came to us, and asked if we know Naira Goenka.

Kush: Hum ne haan kaha, aur woh man, he started talking on the phone

Naira: Did he say, yeh to chamatkar hai, pehle woh mil gayi, aur fir parivar wale?

Luv: Aapko kaise pata?

Naira: Jab mein dusri shopping karne gayi thi, he came to me as well. Aur suno, woh shayad Mandi mein aye ga, tumhare bhai ko abhi kutch mat bata na

Luv Kush: OK bhabhi


Dadi is busy with Swarna and Surekha, Manish and Akhilesh, while Kartik, and Naksh are admiring their respective wives

Keerthi and Naira come to them

Kartik: Hum chaar ki selfie lete hai?

Naira: Nice idea

Kartik takes Selfie and also calls Luv Kush

Luv Kush: Oh fo, ek aur? Bhaiya, aapko pic-

Luv Kush realise it is the same guy who met them

Kush signals Naira to not say anything because she also knows it is the guy

They click another pic. Naira goes to them

Naira: What happened? Woh yaha kya kar raha hai?

Luv: Pata nahi, bhabhi..

He shows the previous selfie. Naira is shocked to see the guy whom she had suspicion on has followed her to the Mandir. Before she could react she is pulled to a dance by everyone.

The song plays and Naira starts to dance

Naira falls and Kartik, Luv Kush save her. She gets up and they all dance.

Everyone gather around Kartik Naira and dance then:

The ladies and men dance while Naira go to get a drink, she sees the guy.

Naira: Tum? Firse.. what do you want

Guy: Sorry Naira ji, I am very sorry. I need your help to save my friend.. please help…

Just then Kartik runs there hearing Naira’s voice. On seeing Kartik , he flees.

Kartik: What happened Naira? Was someone misbehaving with you?

Naira: Nahi ..woh. actually….

Naira hugs Kartik, as she knows he is unaware of what she is thinking


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