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Kartik to himself: If she is Naira, she will have her tattoo, of my name. She gave me her house address, I will go there tomorrow with bachon.

Kairav: Hum mumma ke ghar jayenge? Yay!

Kartik: Yes we are going tomorrow. Now sleep. Goodnight beta.

Kairav: Goodnight papa and AKshu.

Next day:

Kartik and kids go to Aarya’s house. She opens the door and he sees the tattoo and welcomes them in.

Aarya: Hi, how are you. Just ek minute, I will go and get water for you.

Kartik: No that’s fine. Not for me, if you could get a bit for Kairav.

Aarya: Of course.

Aarya gets water for Kairav and comes back. Mayur comes.

Aarya: Hai bhagwan, yeh Mayur is here. Sorry Guys I can’t talk right now.

Kartik: no problem Aarya.

Aarya closes the door.

Kairav: Papa, mumma is scared of this Mayur uncle.

Mayur opens the door:

Mayur: Jo karna hai karo. Naira. I mean Aarya hates the name Kartik.

Kartik: Stop. Tum jo kar rahe ho, bakwas hai.

Mayur: eh londe.

Kartik: Oy, londe vonde, main mat ao. Kartik hu mein. Tere ko kya.

Mayur: Kartik?!? Tum jail mein kyu nahi ho.

Kartik: chup. I will go and tell her your truth and me.

Mayur: Jao. batao, mardale gi. She already saw “Kartik” tattoo, and I told her: he is the one whom she loved and he loved her money so pushed her off the hill and that I was her ex boyfriend and first love, and saved her.

Kartik: Meri Naira, sherni hai.

Mayur walks off.

Kartik: oy londe, Aarya ko Naira ko bana ke rahu ga.

And he walks off with kids.

He gets home. He thinks he has to change his name to Sid Kapoor.
Now he has to tell familyy.

Kartik gets back and tells the family. Initially they don’t believe but when Kairav too tells they believe them

Akhil: Kartik come lets go and

Manish: No Akhil That Mayur has made such a full proof plan against Kartik. If she hears his name she will kill him. And anyway Naira has lost her memory. and is living under some other identity

Naksh: Then how Kartik?

Kartik: Naksh like she became Tina for me, I will be Sid.

Naksh: Awesome Kartik..meri behan zinda hai.…I always wished that your belief wins and it has happened

Dadi: Kartik again proved that She and Kartik are forever…despite us telling him to accept the fact of her death, Kartik was adamant to woo Naira.

Swarna: Sach maaji.. Kartik beta we are with you in this battle.. win back your Naira.


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