If someone’s daughter’s marriage is stopped in the hope of ‘support’ from Sahara, then it will be difficult for someone to leave the house.

Sahara News:  Some depositors even wanted to directly answer Subrata Roy Sahara regarding money stuck for years, But the head of the Sahara group did not reach the court even on Friday, After which the Patna High Court has issued an arrest warrant against him.

Afataf, a resident of Phulwari Sharif, Patna, told with a heavy heart that he worked for Sahara for the last 17 years. Have deposited the money of about five to six hundred people in Sahara, Which is about seven to eight crore rupees. He said that for the last three years, the company has been walking us by giving time to return the money. Today Subrata Rai Sahara was about to come to Patna High Court. We have come here with great anticipation on this information.

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People had reached the court to meet Subrata Roy 

, When will you give money for this?  Because of not returning the money to the people, it has become difficult for me to leave the house. Sahara depositor Shakeela Parveen of Phulwari Sharif had also reached the Patna High Court. Talking to the media, she said that the district court and now the high court have gone everywhere. I want my money now.

Deposited in Sahara by adding one rupee at a time

Shakeela Parveen told that the age of marriage of my daughter is coming out. We are poor man Labor tax was deposited in Sahara by adding one rupee each. I have five lakh rupees by applying interest. Now give my money from wherever you are. Shakeela said that Subrata Rai should return our money wherever he is.

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