If there is a delay in bringing the chair, then the workers were stoned, Tamil Nadu minister’s video went viral

Tamil Nadu Minister Throwing Stone Viral Video: Tamil Nadu’s Milk and Dairy Development Minister SM Nasar allegedly threw a stone at workers for delay in bringing a chair for him during preparations for an event. The video of stone pelting by Nasar has come to the fore. There is no sound in the video tweeted by news agency ANI, but the minister is seen very angry with his gesture. 

According to reports, Chief Minister MK Stalin will attend a program on Wednesday (January 25). Minister SM Nasar had come to take stock of the preparations for this programme, during which the minister got angry over the alleged delay in bringing the chair by the workers. 

It is being told that the angry video of Minister SM Nasar is from Tuesday (January 24). According to ANI, Nassar threw stones at party workers in Tiruvallur. SM Nasar is also to participate in the program on Wednesday, so he reached the spot to take stock of the preparations. 

What’s in the video?

In a seven-second video tweeted by news agency ANI, Tamil Nadu’s  Milk and Dairy Development Minister SM Nasar is seen wearing a shirt and lungi, a tent is placed behind, some people are seen around him. A man in a safari suit is seen laughing.

The minister picks up some (alleged stone) from the pile of mud nearby and throws it towards the front. During this, his facial expressions seem angry and he seems to be speaking something, then he turns and looks to the right. A man is seen running away while the minister is allegedly throwing stones, while a man is seen carrying three chairs hanging fast. After crossing the minister, he starts running.

| Tamil Nadu Minister SM Nasar throws a stone at party workers in Tiruvallur for delaying in bringing chairs for him to sit

— ANI (@ANI) January 24, 2023

The headlines were made for spreading false news

Minister SM Nasar had reportedly given a statement last year regarding the increased price of milk and blamed the central government for the price hike. Nasar had said that the Modi government has imposed GST on milk, due to which the prices have increased. 

Nasar had told reporters, “The central government has imposed GST on milk as well. This is an unprecedented event. Due to the imposition of GST, the selling price of milk has increased.”

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