If there is pain in the calves along with burning in the palm and soles, then you should eat these things

Heat in Soles: Are you troubled by the problem of feeling hot or burning in the palms? Or does the burning of the soles of your feet feel like a burning sensation? Or do you have discomfort, pain in your legs below the knees and cramps at night? If you have any of these three problems, then the information given here is specially for you. It is not necessary that these problems occur only one by one in a person but can also happen together. That is, a person can be troubled by all these three problems at the same time. Here are the reasons and solutions for these problems…

Why do palms and soles get burning?

People who have heat in palms and those who have or have had problems with burning in the soles, only those people can understand the seriousness of this problem. Because this burning sensation is so strong that neither one is able to concentrate in any work nor the person is able to sleep peacefully at night.

If there is a problem of burning in the palms and soles during the winter season, then the whole body feels cold, but I feel like keeping my palms and soles on the ice… Yes, this burning sensation is like this. It is just restless. The special thing is that this burning sensation is most felt at night while sleeping. This is the reason why sleep is not complete and many health problems start taking birth.

Why there is a problem of burning in the palms and soles?

Calf pain problem

Why is there pain in the calves?
The problem of pain or cramps in the calves is due to strain and tension in the muscles. Due to this, sleepless nights and problems in walking are also faced. The main reason for this problem is also the lack of vitamin-B12 in the food.

How to overcome Vitamin-B12 deficiency?

If you are getting a lot of the above mentioned problems then it is better that you go to the doctor as soon as possible and tell him your problem. They will prescribe you vitamin-B12 supplements along with the diet you need. Learn about what you can include in your diet to meet the deficiency of Vitamin B12… 

  • Eat Flax Seeds. Keep them soaked in water at night and consume them in the morning.
  • Take cheese. But do not cook the paneer but eat it plain and eat it by adding a little bada or black pepper powder, but do not use salt at all. Paneer should not be eaten with salt.
  • If you eat eggs, then eat dishes made from it like omelet, egg curry etc.
  • take buttermilk. Whether you drink masala buttermilk or sweet buttermilk.


Disclaimer: The methods, methods and claims mentioned in this article are to be taken only as suggestions, ABP News does not confirm them. Please consult a doctor before following any such treatment/medication/diet. 

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