If you are troubled by financial constraints, then do this simple remedy for cloves, you will become rich

Laung ke Totke: H‍Lung has great importance in Hindu rituals of worship and religious functions. cloves have been given. If you also want to change your luck and fulfill your dreams, then you can try clove remedies. Although they have no scientific basis, but people have been trying them for years. Not only this, its remedies have miraculous benefits. Let us know for which problems it can be used.  

  • Burn 5 cloves and 3 big cardamom with camphor on Saturday or Sunday and show that fire in the whole house. This ends the negativity of the house and brings positivity.
  • Cloves should be donated on Saturdays. By doing this, people whose position of Rahu Ketu in the horoscope is not favorable, they will be cured.
  • Light a mustard oil lamp by putting a pair of cloves in front of Hanuman ji on Tuesday and < a title="recitation of hanuman chalisa " href="https://www.abplive.com/lifestyle/religion/hanuman-chalisa-tuesday-16-november-get-the-blessings-of-hanuman-1998549" target="">Recite Hanuman Chalisa also. Soon you will get the fruits of hard work.
  • Tie 5 shells and 5 cloves in red cloth on Friday and keep this bundle in the cupboard or safe. By doing this, money is blessed.
  • Keep two cloves in the mouth while leaving the house. This remedy gives success in work.
  • Burn 11 or 21 cloves with camphor on the new moon or full moon night and after that meditate on Goddess Lakshmi. By doing this, the stalled money is obtained.

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